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The No 1 HR Management System In Ghana

The overall purpose of human resources (HR) is to ensure that the organization can achieve its ultimate goal and success through people.

Human resource management is the plan of action taken by an organization to effectively and efficiently manage people- to help their organization gain a competitive advantage.

Human resource management is primarily concerned with focusing on laid down policies and systems. It is responsible for overseeing employee-benefits design, employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, among others.

However, there is the need for technology, in other words, HR management software, to navigate through these responsibilities smoothly.

From the hiring process, onboarding, and scheduling to compliance and benefits, HR systems can run like clockwork with the right technology. Without it, it’s all a hassle and unnecessary work for everyone.

Have you ever wondered, what if an employee walks into your office to ask for information about their vacation days or benefits? Or do they want to view an old paycheck stub? Or do you need vital information on the employee’s qualification and day of starting the job to set him up for promotion?

It all comes down to automation and making the HR workflows easier for the department and every employee involved. That is why regardless of size and industry, many organizations have started to use specialized HR software.

If you want to jump on board with hundreds and thousands of other companies that use HR software but don’t know which ones to pick, we’ve got you covered.

Aruti Human Resources and Payroll Management System is one of the best HR and Payroll management systems you can come across. It consists of but is not limited to the following features.

Measure your employee’s earnings and deductions under the statutory staff governing regulations in your country through Aruti.

Keeping track of an individual’s work performance and timely deserved appraisals, this feature of Aruti is committed to the productivity of your employees.

Right from an employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests, Aruti Employee Biodata Management saves all required information in the system.

Supervises the employee’s absence, attendance, and working hours details- the Aruti Leave, Absence, and Time Management feature will keep records of the leaves taken and days worked.

Manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and reduce your recruitment costs through Aruti Recruitment Management.

It helps you make use of biometric devices. Aruti Time and Attendance Management let you calculate the working hours of an employee along with overtime done.

Ready to switch to an automated and stress-free way of managing your organization’s HR operations?

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