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Unleash the Potential of Your Employees


Performance and Appraisal Management is a flexible way to manage performance of individuals. 360 evaluation method and balanced score boards are both measurement systems built on integrated data and help an organization view the business performance.

An Intuitive & User Friendly 360 Degree Tool

Keeping track of an individual’s work performance and timely deserved appraisals, this feature of Aruti is connected to productivity of your employees. Your organization will be able to formulate strategies and goals on performance evaluation of your employees depending upon the designation of each one. Aruti Performance & Assessment Management module will let you conduct smooth and periodic performance reviews owing to this aspect.

Customizable Set Up

From assessment periods to goals, competencies to reports, it's all customizable

  • Set custom goals/ KPI/ Balance scorecard within any time frame

  • Define assessment scales

  • Define custom titles

Seamless Platform

No operational hassles, easy to set up platform

  • Quick Set up

  • User friendly dashboard

  • Effortless administration

Complete Assessment

Perform a complete 90, 180 or 360 degrees assessment.

  • Employee Self Assessment

  • Assessors assessment

  • Assess based on goals/ KPIs and competence

The 3 - Part Aruti Performance and Appraisal Workflow

1. Set Up
2. Assessment
3. Appraisal


This feature allows customization to suit your organizations requirements. You can,

  • Set your own assessment periods

  • Define the various assessors (ie supervisors, line managers , HODs, HR)

  • Define reviewers

  • Define assessment scale / rating

  • define balance score card items or employee goals

  • define employee competencies

  •  define custom title items 


Self Assessment

In employee self service (ESS), employee will login and based on assigned KPI, they will rate themselves based on weight or scale defined

Assessors Assessment

In assessors assessment, supervisors, HODs, line managers will also assess employee based on KPI and then competence. Assessors can also leave their remarks

Reviewer Assessment

An external person  reviews  assessor and employee's scores  and  performs final rating. Reviewer assessment is however optional.


Appraisal Set Up

 Define actions that should be taken by system or that is  to be applied if employee scores a particular mark

Appraisal Analysis



Filter for list of employees that fall within a specific score to perform further operations such as rewards, training or punishment



Search for employees based on a reference number 


Search for them based on their overral scores, and then apply an appraisal action like certification of recognition / appreciation, salary increment, suspension, etc


Define Employee KPI/Goals



weightages to employees KPI's based on organizations requirements


Track and assess accomplishment against objective


Determine appropriate corrective actions


Key Features and Benefits of Aruti Performance and Appraisal Modules
  • Smoothly conduct performance evaluation through an online employees’ and managers’ self service portal.

  • Perform a complete 90, 180 or 360 degrees assessment.

  • This feature of Aruti will support your considered performance evaluation methods including Balanced Scorecard and Behavioral Observation Scale.

  • Pre-define your appraisal and performance evaluation criteria and Aruti will do the rest for you.

  • Define your objectives which are then linked to organizational goals, set Key Performance Indicators along with targets and actions required to meet the objectives.

  • Discuss and set your workforce’s development plan and career goals during the evaluation process.

  • Define training and onboarding needs for further career developments and job capabilities of your employees.

  • Based on the performance evaluation result of each employee, the system then allows you to appraise your employees accordingly by automatically issuing them recommendable letters, warning letters, salary increment notifications and such alike.

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