Aruti Employee Recruitment Management

 Aruti Recruitment Module is built to fit organizational processes and recruitment strategies in Ghana & beyond.


Aruti gives you the tools that help staffing & recruitment departments in Ghana track job vacancies, resumes and contacts more quickly & efficiently whilst going above and beyond what you would expect from a Recruitment Management System


Vacancy Master


Directly enroll vacancies in Aruti via Vacancy Master.

You can define different parameters such as an option to allow external applicants and export vacant roles to your online job portal linked to your website.

In vacancy maser, you can set the opening date & end date of the vacancy as well as the interview start & end dates.

Go further to set Job Qualifications & Job Skills and also Interview Information (includes Interview Type & Interviewers)

Application Master

This module shows the applicants details that were imported for the web link to the system with all information concerning :

Applicants Addresses, Contracts, Qualifications, Skills, Job History & References.

Aruti also allows you to enter applicants details into the system directly at the moment you receive hard copy form the applicant


Short-List Applicants


Set shortlisting criteria according to vacancy requirements.


Batch / Interview Scheduling

Allows you to schedule an interview in individual & batch form by setting the location of the interview and the type of interview a specific group will do.

Allows you to do interview scheduling for those applicantsthat fall in Batch Scheduling by informing them when and where the interview will take place


Export/Import Data


Upload and download data to and from web link


Set data uploading process from the web link to be done automatically after the closing date has reached.


Automatic Notifications

Send automatic notifications to applicants at every recruitment stage.


Benefits of Aruti Recruitment Management Module

  • Improves recruiter’s productivity

  • Shortlist job applicants in a matter of minutes instead of weeks of manual reading through paper applications.

  • Employ the best candidate by attracting more and eligible candidates to apply for varying job profiles - online job application process makes it possible for all suitable candidates to apply from anywhere across the world.

  • Reduce recruitment costs and time by over 80%.

  • Automatically builds a data bank of current job applicants for your future use.

  • Powerful analytics and flexible reporting that ensure that you can generate all the reports you need, quickly and easily.

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