Aruti Employee Bio-Data Management

Right from an employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests, Aruti Employee Biodata Management will save all the required information in the system.

The module also records information like present and past addresses, medical details, important dates as well as the employee’s pictures.

With Employee Bio Data Management, You Can.....

Track Employee duration at your organization from:

Joining date

Probation end date

Retirement date, etc

Track the Minutest Details of the Employee, taking in information like:



Marital Status

Blood group

Hair color,

Language fluency, etc

Track Employee Dependants and Specify Relevant Guidelines for their Benefits

Track Employee References

Track Assets Assigned to Employee

Keep a Record of:

Employee Skills


Work Experience

Other Key Features

Automatic Reminders

Stay updated with automatic reminders on important dates

Track Employees' Documentation

Record and keep track of all the documentations connected to your workforce with ease.

Employee Qualifications

Analyze the expertise and qualifications of your existing workforce against your business needs effortlessly.

Perform Analyses

Perform headcount analysis, age analysis and manning level analysis efficiently.

Why Choose Aruti?


High Quality

Fully Integrated

Interested in Aruti Employee Bio Data Module?

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