Aruti Time & Attendance Management

Track Employee Productivity
Accurate Reports on Absentees 
Integrate with Payroll System
Easy Scheduling

Time & Attendance Management

Track time utilization for projects and employees' work efficiency with our flexible time and attendance module.


Integrates with Biometric attendance devices

The system is compatible with attendance devices made by different manufacturers. We can use different types of input such as Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, RFID Card and password to record attendance.


Manage Overtime/under time

Calculates the work hours of each employee for each day. You can see overtime and under time of each employee. You can mark approved overtime in the system to help you manage payrolls for approved overtime. The system also has automated overtime posting feature which you can define based on your company’s policy.


Integrates with Payroll System

Our employee time and attendance software can integrate with your existing payroll to help boost efficiency, reduce labour costs and ensure that your employees are paid for the hours they work.

Receive real time reporting

For any employees or department get attendance report along with in and out time as well as overtime report of an employee for any month or specific period of time.


Device Mapping
  • Map employee with their respective Time and Attendance device based on the device ID

  • Preview employees check in and out time daily

  • Post employee attendance manually in the absence of biometric device

  • Edit and recalculate employee after changes have been made

  • Support for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly timesheet periods

  • See off days, leave, and holidays within the timesheet.

Reports & Analytics
  • Daily Time sheet Reports

  • Time sheet and Audit Trail

  • Form accurate reports on absentees regularly

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