Aruti Payroll Module

 Aruti Payroll Process

Define your business logic for Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance.

Assign Earnings and Deductions to various employees.

 Run your payroll in few clicks and pay accurate salaries and taxes

Automatically generate salary slips with function to print or preview.

Email Notifications

Electronically send pay slips to all employees (save stationery, save the environment)

Supports Multi Currency

Process and pay employees in unlimited supported currencies.

Auto Generated Pay Slips 

Support for printed pays slips in customer defined formats

Batch Processing

Supports batch transactions posting, importation and processing.

Complete Assessment

Perform a complete 90, 180 or 360 degrees assessment.

Manage payroll in just few minutes

Create your own transaction heads to suit your organizations statutory rules

Every organazation has specific transaction heads which lists all earnings and deductions. Aruti allows you to create transaction heads based on organizations own formulae and flat rates.

Simplified Payroll Process with just a click

Run payroll process in Aruti with a few clicks and pay accurate salaries and taxes.

Easily enter flat rates before you process payroll.

Filter to process payroll for a specific people, department etc with advance filter feature.

Access to 100+ Payroll Reports

Generating user-defined reports as well as mandatory statutory reports as per the respective countries.

Generation of reports and the downloading option is available both in PDF and Excel formats

Other things that you care about

Why choose us?

Considering all the aspects, right from your budget to resolving your queries, 
Aruti poses as the best solution for your organization.

Aruti pricing structure lets you avail a single module, or the whole system as per your requirement, thus keeping all kinds of users in mind.

Cost Effective

High Quality

Consisting of field experts and adept in system functions, our customer support team is always ready to assist you in any query you face

Fully Integrated

An integrated, compliant and cost-effective Human Resources and Payroll Management System, Aruti is a apt for managing your organization’s Human Capital assets efficiently



Aruti Payroll Module  allows you to:

  • Avoid any manual errors and thence, speed up the payroll processes by gaining a total control over it.

  • Ensure tax compliance

  • Gain total control of the staff pay process.

  • Seamlessly integrate the payroll processes with your financial management system

  • User-defined processing and payment periods. Utilize any from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly or any other user-defined period.

  • Tax Terminal benefits in line with any lately introduced rules or chosen guidelines.

  • Supports Periodic or Annual salary increments which may be defined corresponding to the various payroll categories and classifications.

  • Supports court orders, garnishments, tax levies and other court imposed assessments.

  • Payroll messages: The system will broadcast messages to employees individually, globally and/or collectively grouped by cost center, paypoint or any other predefined categories and classifications

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