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Fast & Cost-Effective

Desktop Restaurant Management System

eZee Burrp! is a trusted desktop-based Restaurant Management Software in Ghana designed to give restaurants all the tools they require to speed up service and increase the efficiency of operations. eZee BurrP! helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in line with their operational style and business.

170+ countries



Receipts Yearly

Guests Served Yearly

Why eZee Burrp!

eZee Burrp! Restaurant Management Software will easily let you manage food and beverage services at your restaurant. The seamlessly integrated solution is easy to implement and manage and is suitable for Restaurants, Bars, cafes, or any other type of food and beverage service you offer at your hotel. Manage your hotel’s room service, banquet operations, and billing operations effortlessly with eZee BurrP!. The intelligent set of reports provide in-depth insight into your restaurant’s performance.

Intelligent inventory and stock management

eZee restaurant POS software offers a smart stock and inventory management software that provides you real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients which leads to increased cost-effectiveness and reduced wastage and discrepancies in stock, thence simplifying the stock management.

Real-Time Inventory

Set stock levels

Initiate transfer of items

Inventory and Stock Rates

Orders & Order Types

Kitchen Display System




Room Service

Kiosk Mode

Regardless of the order type, with our restaurant system software, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System. The KDS displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff does not miss any orders or accidentally, take up a served order leading to wastage. What’s more, whenever there is a situation of order surge, you can calibrate the resources and respond efficiently.

Billing Operations

The final and the most critical process for every food and beverage establishment and the one which will leave a lasting impression on the guests. Between orders and meals, there are many requests or change in orders, and Restaurant POS from eZee, manages the process without any hiccups making billing process effortless for your team and the guests.

Add / Void Items

Split Bills

Payment Preferences

Menu Management and Item Modifiers

Depending on your food and beverage establishment, you can create as many as menus you require with each menu having its own menu groups, menu subgroups, item types, groups, rates, and items modifiers. eZee Burrp! Restaurant Management system keeps complete track of orders, Item Recipes created in the system also ensures that the consumption is tracked accurately as stock and inventory are updated in real-time.

Create Multiple Menus

Order Customization with Item Modifiers

Different Menus, Different Rates and Taxes

Billing Operations

If your hotel hosts regular events, the Banquet Management module is a perfect for running all your banquet related operations. The module lets you create packages, define separate menu, buffet management, planning invoice and payment of conference packages, taking care of everything from planning of the event all the way till its successful conclusion.

Table Reservation Management

The dine in view provides complete picture of your restaurant’s floor highlighting status of tables which are reserved, waited on and transactions which are under process. This makes it easy for you to reserve the table for your in house guests and charging them directly to their room folio.

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