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ARUTI HR management software has a globally - acclaimed leave management module. However complicated,  in a few hours, we can set up the leave system for any organization in Ghana and worldwide.

Supervising the employee’s absence, attendance and working hours details, the Aruti Leave, Absence, and Time Management feature will keep records of the leaves taken and days worked.

Aruti Leave and Absence Management Module is built to manage employees' leave and attendance at workplaces in Ghana and globally.

It goes further to automate this process by allowing employees' direct involvement through Employee Self Service Interface where employees can apply for leave & check leave balance.

Get rid of conventional tools such as like paper forms, emails, and excel sheets to avoid disaster such as payroll processing errors, and legal complications.


Handle all stages of the leave management process from application to approval.


Every business has certain policies regarding the number of leave days an employee is eligible for in a year.
As part of setting up a new employee in Aruti HR software, the manager or administrator will need to assign a number of leave days to the employee. This can be done in batches or one individual at a time. 


Using the Aruti Employee Self service, employees can apply for leave as well as check leave status.
Alternatively, users of Aruti Desktop Application can directly apply for leave using the Leave Form for any employee depending on permissions & allocations.
The parameters in the leave form include Employee Name, Leave type (e.g. Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.), Leave Start Date & End Date, etc.


In Aruti, based on your organizational structure, users can be set as leave approvers with various approval levels available.
Depending on the Approver level as well as user permissions & privileges, leave applied for an employee by a manager is automatically approved or a notification is sent to the necessary approver.


After the leave has been approved, the Manager can then go on to issue the leave. The manager can also view the Diary/ Summary of employee details including Department, branch, Section, Role etc.


Depending on user privileges, the manager can increase or reduce the total number of leave days for an employee. This can be done one individual at a time or in batches using the 'Assign Globally' option.


There are various reports available in the Leave and Absence Management Module.
Reports include Employee Leave Balance List, Leave Balance Audit Trail Report, Leave Statement Report, Leave Issued Report, employee Leave Form Report etc.
With features like "Analysis By" & "Advanced Filter", reports can be printed, view & exported based on departments, units, sections, etc and can be sorted by Employee Code, names, Leave Code or Leave type.




Define unlimited number of leaves and absence types, rules and guidelines as per your organization’s criteria. 
Define public holidays and set holiday exceptions for all or individual employees as per requirement.
Apply and approve leaves in an effortless and integrated workflow through employees’ and managers' self-service portal.
Issue full day(s) leaves or grant leaves for fraction of a day swiftly.
Manage leave and working day cycles with easy administration.
Forecast leaves and determines the cost component attributed by leave days well in advance.

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