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eZee Centrix connects you to many online sales channels.

Thus, you can maximize your online presence, enhance your occupancy rates, and reach potential guests globally.

Features & Modules of eZee Centrix


Instantly Manage all Your Distribution Sites

With one click, eZee’s OTA synchronizer instantly updates your hotel's rates and inventories on all connected channels including:

  • OTAs (Hotel Booking Portals)

  • Metasearch engines (TripAdvisor

  • Google Hotel Finder etc)

  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

  • Vacation Rental Portals (AirBnB, Flipkey)

  • Hotel website

  • Hotel Facebook page.


Avoiding petty human errors, the centralized allocation process helps you encourage a constant online presence while ensuring that you don't miss a single booking.

Efficiently Utilize Complete Hotel Inventory

Owing to the flawless 2-way connectivity between the hotel distribution system and numerous booking sites, you can easily update your hotel’s complete inventory instantly on all connected OTAs and GDS through the hotel distribution management.


Maintain hotel rate parity without any effort

There are rate parity structures enforced by the travel giants like Expedia, Make My Trip, Hotel Beds and Agoda.


This means that the room rate you publish on site A cannot be lower than site B, thus making it mandatory to publish the same room rates across all connected distribution channels, irrespective of compensation rate.


Keeping this in mind, our online hotel distribution system ensures that any changes you make on the system are updated across all platforms in real-time, leaving one in a million chance for errors.

Automatic room rate updates for maximum profit

eZee Centrix distribution inventory management system lets you derive the Best Available Retail Rate (BAR) for selling the correct room at the right price, subsequently helping you sell more rooms while yielding maximum revenue.


For example, when bookings are high during peak seasons and your hotel’s occupancy rate reaches more than 60%, the system will automatically increase the room rate by 15% on all connected websites.


On the other hand, the distribution channel manager will slash the prices during low selling seasons ensuring your hotel receives maximum bookings.


Stop Sale at One Touch

The "Stop Sale" feature of eZee’s inventory distribution system allows you to instantly stop the sale of your live inventory distributed across numerous channels.


This feature is especially useful when there’s a sudden group booking and you need to utilize the entire inventory which is currently live on the channels.

Foreign Currency Rate Updates

Things get really messy when the currency you operate your hotel with is different from the currency opted by the associated channels or the guest.


Keeping that in mind, we offer you the ability to accept foreign currency from the travel sites, agents, and guest.

However the system will continue running operations on local currency in harmony with the latest exchange rate.


Make Hotel Overbooking a Thing of the Past

At one point or the other, you must have faced the distress that comes with accidentally overbooking rooms.


However, with the help of the latest technology, eZee’s hotel distribution system instantly updates the latest availability across the integrated PMS, your connected OTAs, and GDSs which leads to minimal hotel overbookings as well as underbookings.

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