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eZee Optimus

Online Restaurant Management System

All-in-one restaurant POS system that is user-friendly and affordable

The Fast and Cost-effective Restaurant POS System

Handle operations effortlessly. Attain accuracy. Retain customers
Our restaurant POS software is a complete package ideal for restaurants in Ghana and beyond.
eZee Optimus helps you streamline operations and grow your restaurant business.
Regardless of the type and size of your Food & Beverage business, eZee Optimus fits all and can organize everything. The versatility of this restaurant software makes it a choice of most F&B business.
Transform the way you manage your business using our various features of the POS system. It will help you to be more systematic and quick in your service to customers.
Restaurant POS app to manage operations at your fingertips
You don’t need to be physically present at your restaurant to manage your business.
With the help of our restaurant POS app, you can bring your entire restaurant management on your fingertips.
You can carry out all restaurant operations on-the-go from our tablet POS app in your device.

Dine-in & room service orders

Staff & shifts management

Day close operations

Guest billing management

Restaurant Inventory Management
Your restaurant inventory and stock management becomes easy with our restaurant POS system.
Be it your inventory, stock levels, or transfer of inventories – you can manage all without any hassle in just minutes.

Real-time inventory

Inventory units conversion

Inventory threshold

Purchase management

1 Restaurant POS to Handle Multiple Menus
Be it weekdays, weekends, festival time, or changing season, you always seek to serve new dishes to your customers.
Do you struggle to create a new menu every time? Or in setting different rates on weekends and during high-peak seasons?
Handle all and more through our cloud-based restaurant POS system.

Manage multiple menus

Menu groups and sub-groups

Item rates


Order Management of All Type
Don’t let the peak hours scare you. You’ve got 100 tables? And orders more than that?
Now, you can easily handle even your busiest days with our restaurant POS software. It helps you serve your customers faster with exactly what they’ve asked for.
Such as; dine-in, room service, or takeaway in a much better way.


Take Away

Inventory threshold

Complimentary Orders

Assign Servers

Preparation Remark

Restaurant Order taking App for Waiters
Now, taking orders gets easier with our restaurant order taking app on both Android and iOS.
Apart from online, it also helps your waiters in taking orders without an internet connection.
These orders get synced with our restaurant software as soon as the app gets a stable internet connection.
Moreover, none of your operations stop or get disturbed while switching the networks.

Online or offline, it works in both

Waiters get a 360° overview

Printing provisions get easy

Your services become better

Engage Guests with Alerts & Emails
Since all your operations are taken care of, you get more time to focus on your guests and services.
With our cloud restaurant POS, you get instant alerts of any happenings at your eatery.
Besides, you even get a chance to engage with your guests through emails and SMS.

Guest database

Instant alerts

Email marketing

SMS notifications

Delivery Management for Home Delivery Orders
Today, most of your customers prefer to order their food online or through the call.
Therefore, proper restaurant delivery management is important for the perfect online or home delivery.
Our restaurant POS system lets you handle and monitor all your delivery orders with no hassles.
This way, it helps you offer the best customer experience by enhancing the overall performance of your staff.

Assign drivers

Track driver route

Monitor delivery time

Offer multiple payment modes

Daily sales

Session-wise sales

Audit reports

Tax and discounts

Custom Report and Bills
Generating precise bills for your guests and getting them easily settled improves customer experience.
Our cloud restaurant POS software helps you with this.
Besides, it also provides detailed analysis and reports on day-to-day sales, expenses, and such likes, aiding you in making business development strategies.

Split bills

City ledger posting

Proper Restaurant Shift Management
While running a business, one of the most challenging tasks is to effectively manage your staff. Our restaurant POS software helps you manage the shifts of your staff ensuring that your operations are not disturbed. This way, your staff can happily serve customers well.

Manage shift timings

Opening and closing balance

Cash-in and cash-out

Shift reports

User roles and privileges

Activity logs

Void Operations

Multi-user mode

Security Against Data Misuse
You definitely cannot afford to sit and worry about your important data getting stolen, or rush to your IT guy when the system goes down.
Here, data security plays an important role in your restaurant’s success. The restaurant POS safeguards your data through user privileges and assures of no downtime while you take orders.
Day Close for the Perfect Day End
At the end of the day, you most certainly want to get your restaurant’s daily report of how you fared, how many customers you welcomed, revenue earned and the whole ball of wax. The day close operation in our online restaurant management system gives you exactly that, and more; letting you end your day with ease.

2-step process


Collect pending payments

Day close reports

Why You Should Choose for eZee Optimus

  • Access to software anywhere + anytime
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase ROI & Productivity
  • Cost Effective
  • Less Downtime
  • Easy to setup 
  • Robust Security
  • Reduced Labor Cost 
  • Reduced efforts & errors
  • Fast Bililng 
  • Integration with customer display pole
  • Integration with Touchscreen
  • Integration with Imenu (Digital Restaurant menu on tablet)
  • Integration with Barcode
  • Integration with Thermal Receipt Printer

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