eZee Imenu

 Digital Restaurant Menu on Tablet, Ipad / Kiosk

   $50 / Month
for unlimited tablets
   $300 Setup Cost


eZee iMenu offers complete package of features allowing restaurants to operate more efficiently and bring a new interactive experience for staff and customers alike. In addition, the features will allow restaurants to change menu according to the changing requirements. 



Interactive Menu

Order / Item Remark

Item Modifiers


POS Integration

Waiter / Guest Mode

Guest Feedback

Quick Search

Improve your guest experience

Get your customers hungry with a visually striking, contemporary digital menu. Appetizing visuals and tasty descriptions make it easier than ever for your diners to decide what they’re hungry for. And it’s available in 24 languages for more people than ever to enjoy.

Waiter Mode
Ordering by Waiters only from Tabs

In this mode, the waiter can use tablets instead of order books for placing orders which will get updated into the POS and KOT will get printed in the kitchen simultaneously. This mode is perfect for restaurants who would like to keep traditional paper menus on their tables while providing their staff with tablets for higher efficiency and better service.

Why Restaurantiers will love eZee iMenu

  • eZee i-Menu is easy to adapt to any kind of restaurant type either on Ipad or Android

  • Integration with eZee BurrP! and other restaurant POS System

  • eZee i-Menu will enable more details of the menu items without increasing the menus size and gives basically unlimited amount of items which can be added

  • Order placing on tablets is simpler and kitchen gets instant notification and creates no confusion as the clarity in orders

  • The service is much faster and efficient with minimum human errors

  • Restaurants can change the restaurant or bar menu anytime without any costs

  • Promote specials and up sell items with vivid visuals

  • Analysis for management and change menu items accordingly with demands and customers liking

Why Customers will love eZee iMenu

  • The emenu provides more detailed description of the items giving customers a better idea about the order.

  • Easy to use attractive menu and interactive tablet menu will make everything far more appealing

  • Leave instant feedback for the management

  • Customize their own food order with Item Modifier for each food item

  • All the basic questions a customer wonders are right at their fingertips

  • Customers can find their favourite food item with quick search

  • Add special comment at the end of the order notifying if there is any special request for the order

  • Also add remark for each food item according to taste