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How You Can Provide a Contactless Service at Your Restaurant in Ghana

Digital Menu | Zero Touch Ordering | Cashless Payments

The hospitality industry took a great hit this year and every restauranteur is looking at how to possibly get back to normal or take advantage of the new normal.

One key factor keeps coming up: Contactless Experience

The aim is to get an end-to-end process with as little human contact as possible. From food preparation to delivery.

Here are a few steps you can take in order to ensure that you uphold the number factor.

Attracting Customers to Your Restaurant

Potential customers will not know the precautionary measures you are taking at your restaurant if you do not tell them. You need to highlight and promote all the safety measures you are taking, either by posting an image on Social media or creating a video showing all the measures you have put in place.

You also need to ensure that you constantly disinfect all areas of your premises and let your potential customer know.

You also need to encourage takeaway, delivery, and curbside pickup orders. This will make your staff and customer feel safer.

Contactless Arrival

This list cannot do without Temperature Check. Several businesses check the temperature of customers before they are allowed onto the premises and restaurants are not left out. Customers will feel safe to know that your restaurant is taking the necessary measures to protect them.

No Mask, No Entry. That is popular signage that decorates the doors of most businesses now. You need to mandate the usage of masks and sanitizers. Your customers may not have a sanitizer so providing access to running water and soap as well as sanitizers as extra protection will help you with your contactless journey at your restaurant.

You need to be able to reach out to customers who have visited your restaurant in order to instill loyalty and promote the interesting experiences and menus at your restaurant. The best way is to collect and maintain proper customer information.

Next, reconsider using your paper menus! You do not want customers to have to share your paper menu even if you try to sanitize it properly after use. If possible, share a QR code or link for your digital menu to limit contact.

Contactless Dine-in

Maintain social distancing at your restaurant to avoid crowding. You can use the current trend of marking spots where customers can stand or sit. Try to avoid long queues by setting a fixed number of customers in your restaurant at a time.

Another way to provide a

Contactless Dine-in experience is by promoting table reservations before they arrive at your restaurant.

Lastly, you can also introduce an option for selecting when and where your customers want to dine.

Contactless Menu Ordering Service

As mentioned earlier, share a QR code to minimize human touch and interactions linked to your POS Software such as eZee Restaurant Software.

On scanning the code, offer a digital menu and an online ordering option where your customers can view menu item information, add, delete, and place an order from the menu.

Once our customer has placed the order, simply need to accept it in your POS.

This will help you provide a complete touch-free-in room and delivery service.

If you are a hotel, you can offer in-room services through eZee’s guest self-service portal.

Contactless Departure

The Contactless Experience will not be complete without ensuring that your customer's departure is safe as well. You will need to enable the “complete order” option for your customers.

Once done, you can share their bill via SMS, email, or WhatsApp (as per the contact details they’ve given) to further the experience.

You also need to encourage them to pay digitally through the payment gateways integrated into the POS, via Mobile banking options such as Mobile money.

Contactless Post-Departure

Every restaurant wants to be able to record reviews of customers as a way to improve the service or help promote wor-of-mouth. His can be done digitally via email or Whatsapp.

You can also send promotional emails of your discount deals or offers; to stay connected and entice them to visit you back.

Social media has continuously been the best way to reach customers so you need to regularly post updates on social media and engage with your customers.

Other Options to Complete Your Contactless Experience

If your current seating arrangement is too close you will have to reshape your tablespaces and add partitions between each seating.

During this period, using disposable tableware through predesigned kits on your tables will make you stand out in the industry.

To promote social distancing, avoid hosting events, and mass gatherings at your restaurant.

If you are a hotel, pre-inquire if they’d like to book a contactless in-room breakfast.

There are a lot more steps you can take but if you take these measures under consideration at your restaurant, you will be able to provide the end-to-end Contactless Experience customers look forward to.

Why do you need eZee's Contactless Restaurant Technology Solution at your restaurant?

eZee’s end-to-end restaurant technology solutions help you to speed up your operations and deliver a touch-free experience to your guests.

Right from sharing eBill on your customer’s phone to integrating with various payment gateways; we will help you meet all expectations of the guests post COVID19. Here are a few benefits:

Minimized human contact. Zero-touch services. Error-free ordering. Cashless environment.

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