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A Radically New Way for Restaurateurs to Stand out!

The Best Restaurant Management Software in Ghana
eZee iMenu offers a complete package of features allowing restaurants to operate more efficiently and bring a new interactive experience for staff and customers alike

The competition in all Ghanaian markets is vastly increasing with more and more businesses sprouting up each day. A large part of the hospitality industry which is the food and beverage trade has not been left out as high-end restaurants, fast-food eateries, catering establishments and many more are being established in great numbers.

But how does your restaurant stand out among the others?

We acknowledge that one basic factor of a good restaurant is quality and tasty meals but that's not all there is to it. In order to stand out, your restaurant has to be great- not just good.

How many times have you had to tell a customer that a particular meal is not ready or available?

What if you could keep track of what you offer, at what time and at what rates? What if you get to do away with the old process of giving a customer a standard paper menu in hopes that they choose only available meals?

eZee iMenu is a Digital Restaurant Menu that lets you customize and manage seasonal and periodic menus, along with session-wise menus at your eatery with utmost ease.

It's no secret that food presentation not only produces effects from a cerebral and a physiological point of view, but also affects taste.

With eZee iMenu, you can get your customers hungry with a visually striking, contemporary digital menu.

eZee iMenu allows you to design appetizing visuals and tasty descriptions that will make it easier than ever for your diners to decide what they’re hungry for.

Other striking and exciting features available on eZee iMenu are:

eZee iMenu can be integrated with eZee Burrp! (our top Restaurant Management Software) to give your customers the ultimate experience at your restaurant.

Most importantly, eZee iMenu is primarily used on both tablets and iPads. This is perfect for restaurants who would like to keep traditional paper menus on their tables while equipping their staff with tablets for higher efficiency and better service.

Interested in eZee iMenu?

Contact us today and let's make your restaurant stand out!



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