Aruti HR Payroll Software

Aruti Software simplies HR Payroll Processes

Best Accounting Software in Ghana

QuickBooks Financial Accounting Software

Integrated Hotel Software in Ghana

eZee Frontdesk Hotel Management Software

Top Restaurant Software in Ghana

eZee Burrp - Restaurant Point of Sale Software

The Best Hotel Reservation Management Solution in Ghana

eZee Reservation - Hotel Booking Engine

About Us

We are one of the leading software companies in Ghana, that offers integrated suite of business software applications.


At Powersoft, we deploy & implement HR & Payroll Software, Accounting Software, Hotel & Restaurant Software, CRM, Point of Sale, Asset Management  and many other software applications.

We offer cutting edge services ranging from website development, Search engine optimization, 3rd party integrations & Cloud Hosting Services

We are made up of a team of distributed IT consultants who work collaboratively to provide solutions to businesses.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower small to medium size organizations with solutions that help them manage their business efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure total customer satisfaction through excellence in Product Quality, Response Time and Price Competitiveness by meeting their demands.

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Our Solutions

        Aruti - HR and Payroll
       Management Software

Aruti is the complete Payroll and HR Software in Ghana that provides end - to - end solutions for organizations. The software is statutory compliant with Ghana Revenue and Social Security tax regulations. Aruti HR and Payroll Software comes packed with all the core HR and Payroll features required to manage organization human asset.

 QuickBooks Financial Accounting Software

QuickBooks is the most intuitive  and easy to use accounting software used by most small to mid size businesses in Ghana. 
QuickBooks helps the businesses to generate invoices, generate estimates, record customer payments and manage funds transfer to bank.

               eZee Centrix
        Channel Manager

Thinking of how to manage unlimited channels be it, expedia, agoda, etc? eZee Centrix is the solution! The system automatically updates your room prices and inventory across unlimited channels. With direct interface to eZee Frontdesk Hotel PMS, bookings can be auto - synced to the Hotel Software

                eZee Frontdesk 
Desktop Based Hotel Software
eZee Absolute - Cloud Based Hotel Software

eZee Frontdesk is the best on premise hotel software used by hotels, apartments, guest houses and lodges in Ghana. The software allows hoteliers to perform fast check in, post unlimited extra charges, split folio, group booking & reservations, integration with financial accounting software, electronic door lock interface, forex module, online booking engine, OTAs distributions, etc

eZee Burrp - Restaurant Software

Delight your guest with eZee Burrp fast serving, efficient and accurate Restaurant Point of Sale Software. Perform Dine In, Take Away & Food Deliveries. Get accurate food and beverage cost with effective bill of material (inventory consumption). Accurately control stock movement, transfers, issues, returns and wastage and adjustment.  

Simplify your hotel operations with eZee Absolute. Access your hotel data on the cloud anywhere, on the go via tablets and mobile devices. The system is packed with modules ranging from front office, housekeeping, extra charges, expense management, integration with key door lock, accounting software, payment gateway interface

eZee Reservation - Booking Engine

eZee Reservation offers easy online booking engine for hotels . Accept unlimited commission free bookings from your website. Save time and concentrate on your work with automatic update (real time sync) of inventory between your Hotel PMS and your Website Booking Engine. 

Website Design 

Every website we create is responsive – so it fits perfectly on screens of any size, from mobiles and tablets to desktop. No pinching, no zooming, and faster page loading. Creating an all-round better user experience. Find out more. Expert, free advice delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up today to receive website advice 



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