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Recruiting Your Ideal Candidate in 2023 - Businesses in Ghana

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Your recruitment process tells a lot about your organization. In order to recruit the ideal candidate, you need to take a closer look at how you go about talent acquisition. There has been a substantial paradigm shift in the #recruitmentindustry in Ghana with candidates being more selective of the organizations they choose to work with.

If you think candidates will jump through hoops to join your organization, you need to rethink this. You need to up your #recruitment game and ensure that the ideal candidate does not slip through your fingers.

Where #GhanaianBusinesses Go Wrong with Recruitment

There are a variety of reasons why candidates may decline a job offer/drop out of the recruitment process and two main reasons stand out.

  1. Offering below-market salary and non-competitive employee perks. If you think that displaying expected salaries in a Job advertisement is a disadvantage to your organization then you need to reassess this policy. According to StandoutCV, there is a 66% chance for a candidate to apply for a job role when the salary is displayed as compared to the opposite. The fact is bottom line, employees what to know what they are getting.

  2. The contract terms do not match the candidates' expectations. You will need to be clear and consistent with your requirements for the role. Imagine if you bought an item at a shop and upon getting home, you realize that what was displayed on the box does not reflect its content. Research has shown that 53% of candidates prefer that recruiters explain the job requirements clearly.

Most organizations/recruiters in Ghana have the habit of not following up or updating candidates and this is a major reason why candidates drop out during the recruitment process.

How to Improve Your #RecruitmentProcess

The first impression always matters. What do you want your candidates to think about your business when they check you out online? You want them to feel connected to your business and you can achieve that by ensuring that your online presence is modern, consistent, and up-to-date. Once you implement this, it will demonstrate positive company culture and it will go a long way to reassuring potential employees that your business is a legitimate and appealing prospect.

A lot of time and resources go into HR departments managing multiple ongoing applications and sad as it may be, a lot of businesses in Ghana have still not embraced technology and integrated digital processes.

A good HR software like Aruti HRMS has a Talent Management Module with an Online Job Portal where employees can simply sign in to fill a customized form to provide all necessary information and documents.

Aruti HRMS is one of the leading HR Management Softwares that automatically prequalifies candidates who are the best fit, using a combination of identification criteria such as education level, employe performance level, years of experience, age and other parameters.

This #HRsoftware can be further used to organize and manage competency-based assessments and questionnaires to end up with the ideal candidates.

Tip: Clear communication and timeliness from the start are also critical elements of the recruitment process.

Once you have implemented your software and online recruitment and onboarding processes, your pool of available candidates will expand significantly

Final Tip: According to People Keep, the average cost of replacing an employee is 150% of their salary, so it is well worth investing in the correct processes to get recruitment right the first time.

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