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How To Streamline Your Organization's Recruitment Process

Leading Recruitment Management Software in Ghana
To upgrade your recruiting methods, you need to look into a HR recruitment software for your small business.

Every Ghanaian organization needs a recruitment system; whether they recruit in-house or outsource to a recruitment company. Thus, effective recruiting is an important key to success for all businesses in Ghana, including small organizations.

Recruiting can be a constant process as SME businesses evolve. For many companies, talent is important when it comes to recruitment even though candidates are often recruited to fill certain positions.

How does your company’s recruitment system work?

Do you have standard processes?

Does your HR team spend too much time on recruiting?

Do you receive traditional paper applications from job seekers?

Do you need to constantly check all emails and portals for job applications?

Do you perform tiresome and time-wasting tasks like compiling job applications to be reviewed?

Do you incur unnecessary costs by paying for the services of a recruitment firm?

To upgrade your recruiting methods, you need to look into HR recruitment software for your small business. This will help you reach the right candidates and get them on your team.

The Aruti Recruitment Module saves the day as it allows you to manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and cut down your recruitment costs.

Other features include:

  • Improves recruiter’s productivity

  • Shortlist job applicants in a matter of minutes instead of weeks of manual reading through paper applications.

  • Employ the best candidate by attracting more and eligible candidates to apply for varying job profiles - the online job application process makes it possible for all suitable candidates to apply from anywhere across the world.

  • Reduce recruitment costs and time by over 80%.

  • Automatically builds a data bank of current job applicants for your future use.

  • Powerful analytics and flexible reporting that ensure that you can generate all the reports you need, quickly and easily.

Click here to learn more about Aruti HR & Payroll Software. You can also try out our 30-day Free Trial



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