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It’s Time to Automate your Payroll Process

You will agree with me that managing payroll can be a real hassle, manual practices and antiquated systems and trying to keep up with compliance can leave you spending way more time on payroll than necessary.

Imagine running a payroll system where you don’t have to beat your head about;

  • making sure all checks are cut and delivered to the right employees in a timely manner in accordance with the tax labor laws in the country.

  • Trying to understand complex legislation and the regulatory changes that come with the change in government administration.

  • Avoiding manual errors and minimizing risk for things like tax noncompliance,

Then Aruti HR & Payroll Software is what you need. Aruti Payroll module will thoroughly handle the entire Payroll and Taxation process of your organization and easily track the earnings, deductions and benefits of employees with it's powerful functionalities.

What's more, Aruti comes fully integrated. This functionality completely eliminates the need of multiple databases and thence, double data entry between the modules, making Aruti an appropriate tool for efficient business process automation within any kind of organization.

Aruti HR & Payroll Software offers this and a lot more features, including:

  • Employee Bio Data

  • Loans & Savings Management

  • Leave Management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Recruitment Management

  • Time & Attendance Management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • On Job Training Management

  • Claim & Refund Management

  • Integration with Active Directory

  • Performance & Appraisal Management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Employee Self Service

  • Manager Self Service

  • Online Job vacancy portal

  • Integration with Time & Attendance Devices

  • Integration with Electronic Banking Interface

  • Integration with Financial Accounting Software

  • Integration with Electronic Bank Interchange

You can experience these features here

Download and enjoy the 30-day free trial of Aruti HR & Payroll software.



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