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Increase Your Hotel's Revenue with Google’s Free Hotel Booking Links

Google just rolled out its Free Hotel Booking Links Program and Google has chosen eZee as its initial technology partner for the Free Hotel Booking Links program!

What is Google Free Hotel Booking Links?

This will allow hotels to display their direct booking rates and availability on Google Hotel (Meta) Search and Google Maps. Because of these free booking links, prospective guests will be able to compare a property’s room rates across various platforms and take further actions to book their stay.

What does Google Choosing eZee as an Integration Partner for this Program Mean?

eZee’s role here is to onboard its existing customers and all future customers onto the platform, unlocking a myriad of commission-free booking opportunities for the properties.

Our booking engine, eZee Reservation helps you acquire direct bookings from Google, without any hassles. Now, because eZee is an authorized Google Free Booking Link integration partner, we get your direct rates positioned at the top of your Google Meta Search listing.

This means, our booking engine users will be able to experience breakthrough benefits all at ZERO COSTS like:

✔️ Better visibility on Google Hotel Search and Google Maps.

✔️ Receive more commission-free direct bookings.

✔️ And in turn, pay lower OTA commissions.

How To Enroll For Google FBL With eZee?

Hotels can enroll for the Free Booking Links program only through Google’s authorized integration partners. Being an eZee Reservation booking engine user is mandatory to avail the benefits of this program.

Here is how you can enroll:

  • Step 1: You fill the form to enroll for FBL.

  • Step 2: If you are an existing eZee Reservation user, we will push your rates and availability directly to Google.

  • Step 3: If you are not an existing eZee Reservation user, you can contact our team and we will get you onboarded with our booking engine.

  • Step 4: You start receiving direct, commission-free bookings from Google.

Every hotelier needs to take advantage of this!

Not signed up on eZee Reservation? What are you waiting for? Call 0204089512 or send an email to / to get onboarded now!


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