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Boost your direct hotel sales by 45% with the best-in-class hotel booking engine

eZee Reservation is an ingenious and powerful online booking system in Ghana that gets you infinite bookings for zero commission from everywhere including Hotel Website, Mobile, Tablets, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Travel Agents etc.

With eZee Reservation, your guests are provided with quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while boosting your revenue margin by exposing your guests to special offers, promo codes and the ability to do group bookings.


How does our Hotel Reservation System Grow Your Business?

eZee Reservation, used by several properties in Ghana, is a comprehensive cloud-based hotel reservation system that does more than just getting and processing direct bookings. Here are some key features of the system, which make it a preferred choice of various properties worldwide.


Responsive and easy-to-use

Our hotel reservation software has the easiest 2-step booking process whose booking flow can be matched as per your brand. And the best part is, it is responsive; so your visitors can access it via any device.


Packages, deals & promotions

Highlight your different amenities on your booking engine. Moreover, creating packages, setting their duration, generating promo codes, discount deals, offers, and everything gets sorted with our hotel booking system.


Guest engagement


Send your guests pre-arrival, in-house, post-departure and promotional emails or SMSes directly from this online hotel reservation system. Thereby, communicate with them and make them feel valued.


Interactive plug & play widgets


Our hotel booking system has different widgets such as welcome box, exit pop-up, and so on, to keep your visitors enticed on your website. They influence your visitors' decision and push them to book with you.


Yield management


This reservation software sells your rooms at the best price by using the concept of yield management. Simply, configure the different rates as per occupancy slabs and the system will alter your rates accordingly.


Statistics, reports, and logs



This online booking system gives you comprehensive reports on bookings and reservations; along with in-depth insights into guest preferences. This helps you focus on important factors to get more business.


Efficient rate management


With eZee Reservation, you can offer corporate rates, travel agent rates, special rates or negotiated rates and likewise. Handle all of them from this online booking engine, with no hassles.


Multilingual & multi-currency


With the multilingual feature of our hotel booking software, your website visitors can use it in their preferred language. Besides, they can check out rates in their preferred currency and make the payment effortlessly.


Competitors’ rate analysis



Closely monitor competitors’ pricing strategies with the Rate Shopper tool. It brings all your competitor’s rates into your booking engine, so you can compare, analyse, and decide your room’s pricing smartly.

How eZee Reservation works


A Few of the Organizations using eZee

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Booking Engine’s Integration with Other Important Solutions


Running a hotel does not only involve accepting booking, reservations; there are 1000s of other operations to handle.


When you have a completely integrated suite of hotel technology, you can manage any number of operations and streamline your entire hotel management. Here are our hotel booking engine software’s major integrations:


Hotel Management System

This hotel reservation system is integrated with our property management system - eZee Absolute, to manage your reservations, availability and guest profiles. Beside, you can also integrate eZee Reservation with any third-party hotel software.

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Hotel Channel Manager

The seamless integration of our channel manager with eZee Reservation helps you manage real-time rates and inventory distribution on all your connected channels. Additionally, the entire process of availability and rates is automated.

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