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How to Get More Reservations and Increase your Revenue

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the hospitality industry you’re bound to eventually reach the limits of your business’ revenue capacity.

OTA's(Online Travel Agents) surely guarantee a level of exposure and steady flow of bookings but in order to maximize your yield potential it also best for you to do same on your own platform.

Wondering where to start from?

First, you need a highly responsive website. A highly responsive website is one that is easily accessible and gives the user a seamless experience on all devices, whether it is being viewed on a smart phone or laptop.

The most distinctive feature of your website should be a call to action button which may read ; book a room, make a reservation etc. This way your guest doesn't just hover around your page but takes an action thus turning your visitor into paying guest.

After your website is set, you need to integrate your website with a hotel booking engine. A hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites used to securely process online reservations.

No matter the size of your hotel, you need to allow guests to book rooms on these websites if you want to remain competitive and stay open for business.

How does the Booking engine benefit you?

  • Zero commissions to OTAs as you get direct sales through your website.

  • When guests make a booking, your booking engine can securely accept credit card payments to make sure you get paid.

  • Guests can easily self-serve – checking which rooms are available when, and for how much – without ever speaking to you thus increasing your guest experience.

  • All online bookings are safely stored in your booking engine so that all of your guest data is accessible in one place.

  • With all you guest data accessible in one place, you can keep in touch and send tasteful offers .

  • You can use your booking engine to offer your guests any host of services. Guests can book a table at your restaurant,club etc.

What you should you look out for in a booking engine?

  • Complete integration with Property Management Systems

  • Customization to your hotel’s brand

  • Integration with all of your booking sites through a channel manager

  • Guest should be able to pay safely directly through the hotel booking engine

Increases in direct bookings mean only one thing – no commissions paid, and therefore higher revenue.

Interested in getting a Hotel Booking Engine?

Watch how guests can make a reservation on your website with eZee reservation !


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