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Hotel Management Software in Ghana: Everything You Need to Know

eZee Hotel Management Software, available in Ghana, is a system that simplifies a hotel's operations by automating them. It covers minor to major aspects of hotel management such as reservations, front-office, back-office, housekeeping, maintenance, guest management, and even billing.

In addition, eZee Hotel Software helps in improving the efficiency and growth of both the independent hotel as well as a hotel group. Furthermore, this system is suitable for all property types: hotels, motels, restaurants, resorts, hostels, B&Bs, serviced apartments, guest houses, chain of properties, and vacation rentals.

Types of hotel management software

The advancement of technology has witnessed the development of various types of hotel software. However, mentioned-below are most prevalent.

The on-premise or better known as the desktop or legacy-based hotel system in Ghana that runs as an app on your computer systems; usually without an internet connection. The major modules of eZee FrontDesk constitute of Easy Check-in / Check-out, 2-Click Guest reservation, Group Management, Housekeeping, Night Audit, Travel Agent, Guest History, Ledger Accounts, and billing with a lot more.

This is an all-in-one cloud-based hotel software solution in Ghana and globally for the hotel industry. It not only helps independent hotels in Ghana but also hotel groups in effectively managing their operations by automating them.
The cloud-based hotel PMS streamlines all the important tasks such as sales/bookings, planning, front desk operations, room reservations, accounting information, revenue management, and other necessary day-to-day hotel operations to help serve your guests better.

Benefits of A Hotel Management Software

Speeds up operations: A property management system streamlines your front-desk operations. This allows your staff to perform check-in/check-out, manage housekeeping, easily track current and upcoming reservations, etc. This way, it helps you to organize operations, gain higher revenue, speed up operations, increase productivity, and earn good ROI.

Saves time and reduces errors: You can automate all the department’s work with the hotel management software. All the tasks that used to take hours can be done in just a few minutes which will further help you focus on offering personalized service to your guests. This will help you attract your competitors’ guests too.

Increases accuracy and efficiency: Investing in a hotel system will leave no scope for errors. Whether it is tracking your revenue or simply taking a look at the bookings that you got for the upcoming week - the accuracy of data is guaranteed with the right hotel PMS in place. This will drive you to increase efficiency and deliver the best services to your guests on time.

Increases guest satisfaction: The hotel industry software allows you to connect with your guests before, during, and after the stay. It helps you just being readily available for the guests during their stay. Hence, the more memories your guests make, the more they will prefer your hotel for the upcoming vacation - the more revenue you generate. Besides, it helps you to improve your online presence in the market with an integrated hotel review management system. Thus, enabling you to check and respond to all your guests’ reviews from one place.

Secures sensitive data: A hospitality business needs to store the guests’ sensitive details safely. As a property owner/manager, you are responsible for keeping them safe. A cloud hotel management software keeps all the personal data secured online.

Helps you stay at the top of competitors: The PMS software lets you check bookings, cancellations, modifications; and everything else from wherever you are. This makes your hotel perform operations faster and better; thus improving your efficiency and guest satisfaction. Consequently, you’re able to stay ahead of your competitors.

Saves hardware and resource cost: The cloud-based hotel management software is a lot lighter on the wallet. So, eliminate the expense of a server and save up on your costs. Moreover, this software lets you provide self-check-in service to your guests. This will help you to avoid hiring a front-desk person that needs to be available 24x7.

Reduces administration work and gives data insights: The system automatically updates data, generates comprehensive reports on demand as well as allows you to get all data insights; thus helping you to make the right decision.

Manages hotel distribution: This system, when integrated with a channel manager, helps you instantly manage inventories and rates on various OTAs and other connected channels.

Manages guests’ data: The hotel software helps you centralize and secure the guests’ data, besides improving the quality and accuracy of guest profiles. It lets you understand the guest’s tastes and preferences so that you can offer specific services to different guests.

Improves communications: It allows you to easily communicate with all hotel staff members. With the help of the online hotel software, anyone who has access to a set of login credentials can get up-to-date information as soon as they log in.

Inspects all your properties: Property monitoring and inspection is the most time-consuming operation for a hotelier. However, using cloud-based hotel software, you can check all your properties and insights from one place without visiting them. You can even handle all required operations right from your head office centrally.

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