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Ghana e-VAT System: What You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Ghana's E-VAT System has arrived, promising to modernize VAT management. However, it's not all smooth sailing for businesses, as they grapple with the prospect of acquiring new systems or shelling out extra cash for integration. In this blog, we'll explore this new system, highlighting its features, and how it impacts businesses across the country.

What is the Ghana e-VAT System?

It's crucial to grasp what the Ghana E-VAT System entails. It's an electronic means of issuing VAT receipts and invoicing for VAT-registered businesses, aimed at enhancing efficiency without introducing new taxes. It streamlines VAT transactions while preserving the core components that make up the VAT, such as the National Health Insurance Levy (NHIL), Ghana Education Trust Fund Levy (GETFUND), Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy (CHRL), and the Value Added Tax itself.

Two Paths to E-VAT Adoption

Businesses in Ghana have two choices when it comes to E-VAT adoption. They can opt for a standalone E-invoicing system, provided free of charge to VAT-registered businesses.

Alternatively, they can seamlessly integrate it with their existing invoicing systems. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) offers expert guidance to assist in this transition.

Who does this affect?

E-VAT's rollout follows a deliberate phase-by-phase approach. The first phase was initiated with 50 Large Taxpaying businesses in October, and the second phase, starting in 2023, extends to medium taxpayers. By 2024, all VAT-registered businesses will be brought into the fold.

E-VAT Integration with eZee Hotel and Restaurant Software

We're thrilled to mention that we at Powersoft System is actively working on integrating the E-VAT system with eZee hotel and restaurant software. Soon, we will expand their development to our other solutions, such as our ERP Software, offering even more seamless solutions for businesses in Ghana. This cost-effective approach ensures that businesses can seamlessly transition to E-VAT compliance without breaking the bank.

Addressing Business Concerns Head-On

The core concern for businesses has been the financial burden associated with E-VAT compliance. Powersoft System's integration efforts directly tackle this issue. We are providing cost-effective solutions that work with existing systems, ensuring that businesses can embrace E-VAT without significant additional expenses.

While the Ghana E-VAT System presents challenges for businesses, we at Powersoft System is stepping up to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our commitment to integrating E-VAT into existing software solutions offers a lifeline for businesses, enabling them to achieve E-VAT compliance without the hefty costs associated with new system purchases.

It's a strategic move that simplifies the journey to compliance in Ghana's evolving tax landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as Powersoft System continues to lead the way in making E-VAT integration accessible and affordable for businesses.


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