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An Online HR & Payroll System: Why You Need it Now!

Almost every activity/transaction is done online now. More businesses in Ghana are looking for ways to take advantage of the current situation to ensure that they do not miss out on avenues to make money and maximize the use of time. At the moment, there is no excuse to not try and use technology to your benefit, and the HR & Finance team of organizations are not left out.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Manual HR & Payroll systems are slowly dying out because they are neither cost nor time effective. With a manual system, there is the need for at least one person to manually calculate time and attendance information, leave & ultimately payroll. With this system, you will also need to calculate tax and membership earnings & deductions, design & customize payslips monthly. This process can take several hours and must be completed every pay period.

Typically, automated payroll systems perform these tasks automatically or with approval that simply requires a couple of seconds of your time and few clicks.

How this works:

Formulars are preconfigured into the system either by the organization or a service provider and time & attendance devices are integrated with the system such that the payroll team can just process payroll with a few clicks. This increases efficiency as well as productivity.

Reduce the Probability of Errors

Automating your payroll system helps reduce the potential for human error. When manual calculations are done or data is manually collected, a lot of mistakes can be made. Using an automated system you can prevent these errors with just a few clicks.

Employee Access to Data

An online HR & Payroll service allows employees and managers to access historical and current payroll data using the internet via a portal or a mobile application. Having access to this information can improve employee satisfaction, while also saving human resources professionals’ time. Allowing managers to access payroll and other HR modules at any time establishes another way to review information, creating an additional error prevention checkpoint.

With an online HR & Payroll system, employees can easily add or edit their basic information, view payslips, apply for leave/loans, input performance, and appraisal details, etc. Managers can also enroll new employees, approve new employee enrollment, approve/issue/reject leave and loans, approve payroll results, manage performance & appraisal, training needs analysis & on the job training, etc.

Simplifies Tax Calculations and Reduces Penalties to the Tax Body

It’s estimated that a lot of companies pay penalties to the Tax body every year, due to tax calculation errors. These are mistakes that come about when regulations are changed.

When purchasing an HR & Payroll System, you must first understand your requirements, what the system can offer and how both relate to each other.

Aruti HR & Payroll Software is an Integrated, Flexible, and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System in Ghana, ideal for managing an organization's most valuable assets the "Human Capital". Aruti is equipped with every aspect of HR management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities.

Aruti can be hosted on the cloud server for the HR & Payroll departments to access the system any time as long as there is an internet connection. This helps especially during this period where most employees are working from home.

Aruti also has online features & modules that work seamlessly with the main desktop application. These features/modules are listed below:

  1. Manager and Employee Self-Service to manage the other HR & Payroll modules.

  2. Online Job Portal to manage vacancies, job applications, and all other activities related to recruitment.

Other modules in Aruti HR & Payroll System are:

  1. Payroll, Loans & Savings Module

  2. Employee Bio Data Module

  3. Leave/Absence Module

  4. Performance & Appraisal Module

  5. Training Needs Analysis Module

  6. On the Job Training Module

  7. Recruitment Module

  8. Online Jobs Portal

  9. Claim & Refund Management Module

  10. Time & Attendance Management Module

Aruti HR & Payroll System also allows various integrations such as:

  • Integration with Time & Attendance Devices

  • Integration with Electronic Banking Interface

  • Integration with Financial Accounting Software

  • Integration with Electronic Bank Interchange

  • Integration with Active Directory

Two key factors to note regarding Aruti HR & Payroll Software are:

  1. Aruti is flexible such that it can be integrated with 3rd party applications.

  2. We offer both reliable local and international support such that longevity is assured.

Interested in Aruti HR & Payroll Software? Send an email to or call 0204089512



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