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A Brief Guide on How to Make Your Hotel Stand out Online

You may think that you can make your hotel stand out by offering the lowest prices. Yes, this strategy is the easiest way to get guests to book your hotel but this will affect your bottom-line negatively in the long term.

You may also believe that your hotel brand alone is enough to make your hotel stand out. It isn't. There are a number of hotels popping up in Ghana every day and if you do not use the right strategy for your hotel, you could easily see a decrease in bookings and ultimately, revenue.

What is imperative is to provide a distinctive experience as well as unparalleled service to your guests even before they arrive!

How do you achieve this? The following fundamental rules will help hoteliers in Ghana get an edge above competitors and ensure maximum occupancy all year round.

Be Consistent on Social Media

You are most likely already on social media and you may believe that it is enough. The algorithm on social media is such a way that the more you post on social, the more reach, and engagement you get. What does posting here entail?

Got a new gym? Post a video showing your latest pieces of equipment.

Got an event? Post a Reel on Instagram covering the whole event. You can even use Instagram LIVE and Facebook LIVE to make your followers feel a part of the event.

Making your presence known on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc can make all the difference and bring new interest to your brand. What’s more, customers can get more of an insight into what your hotel is about, as well as leaving feedback.

Represent Your Hotel on Your Website

Having a website for your hotel doesn't mean just posting images and writing content. What is the unique selling point of your hotel? What do you think makes your hotel stand out? Showcase that. It's not even about what you have but the aesthetics of it. Ensure that your images look pleasing to the eye. Your content needs to be well structured as well. Your website should communicate a story to your prospective guests. Your website must also load right away because your guests are usually impatient and more so if they are using a mobile.

Reward your loyal guests

Nothing works better than creating a sentiment of loyalty among your customers.

Run a ‘Reward Redemption Program’ to get more reservations from your frequent guests.

Keep the loyalty program module enabled on your hotel reservation software. Surprise your loyal guests sometimes by providing them an exclusive offer of a free additional night stay if they book for a certain number of days.

Implement a Call-To-Action

Once the guest finds exactly what he is looking for on your website, they would like to be able to make a reservation. Therefore, it is important that they are immediately provided with a necessary ‘Call-to-action’ or a ‘Book Now’ button.

A ‘Reservation Button’ must be clearly visible on a mobile or a computer screen.

A prominent ‘Call-to-action’ button will help you keep the potential guests on your website rather than driving them to an OTA page, because once they go away from your website, there are all chances that they lose interest in your property, and ultimately book some other property from somewhere else. Having a Booking Engine that is integrated with a Payment Gateway, will ensure that you get more direct bookings as well.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

You will want your guests to easily find your hotel when browsing online for a place to stay. Using SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to build interest in your hotel, ensuring it appears at the top of search results. Make sure to use keywords that keep your hotel ahead of competitors, otherwise, you will find your property further down in the search results. Google AdWords can help you with this, helping you get ahead of your competition to ensure your hotel is placed first.

Go Mobile

Customers love mobile-friendly sites and with 60 percent of mobile hotel bookings happening within 24 hours of a stay, it’s more important than ever to go mobile. Make sure that your hotel website is mobile and user-friendly so customers can easily navigate through your page when booking a stay.

Revamp Your Hotel

If your hotel is looking dull and tired, it may be time for a refurbishment. Whether it is a minimal change such as painting a hotel room or a complete transformation, only you will know what is best for your hotel. The reception of a hotel is the first room that guests will see, so it’s important that you invest wisely in the look and feel of the room.

You can install natural stone veneer fireplaces in your lobby to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. However, you go about it, you should have a budget in place that you can work with to avoid overspending.

At the end of the day, being unique suggests that you are not just executing standard operating procedures but also interested in providing an out-of-the-box, pleasant experience to your guests. It lets your guests know that you are actively managing a guest experience that makes your hotel distinctive, especially from the guest's point of view, which ultimately rewards both you and your guests!

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