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Why You Need An HR & Payroll Software in the Ghanaian Market

Most SMEs in Ghana spend most of their time on administrative activities which is makes it hard for them to focus on transformational work and also use time more efficiently.

The Ghanaian SME market is continuously becoming competitive as every company is trying to be more and more productive than the next.

Organizations in Ghana are not very productive when it comes to handling human resources and payroll-related aspects since people are hired to manually handle the job. Little to no attention is paid to the fact that there can be errors caused by people as well as the negative effects on employees and the organization as a whole.

To stand out in this market and make active strides to be productive, investing in the right payroll software can help organizations achieve this to quite an extent.

A comprehensive HR and payroll software is the best bet for the following reasons.

Efficient Use of Time

Businesses in Ghana spend too much time doing payroll every month. Not to forget the hustle that comes with endless hours, days and months spent on year-end tax preparations.

Using an HR and payroll software automates all these processes, and also eliminates the probability of error in calculations. A countless number of hours get saved, which can let people in HR, as well as Finance, focus on other critical tasks that require their immediate attention.

Avoid Human Errors:

With Manual processing, it will be difficult to avoid errors and errors can lead to a miscalculation in taxes, ignoring taxable items, feeding forms with incorrect information and much more.

Some of these errors come at a huge cost which makes HR and payroll software becomes all the more important as it helps businesses in Ghana to avoid these mistakes.

Easy Integration & Access

With payroll software, you get integration options, which can allow managers & employees to give login access to Manager Self-Service & Employee Self-Service. You can also get HR modules that are integrated with the payroll software, as well as syncing options with Time & Attendance device, etc. Whatever the demands are, software integration and features in payroll software can let you collaborate with other people in a way that lowers the pressure on administrative work with features such as approval levels, etc and these make processes more smooth and streamlined.

Reducing the Paperwork Burden & Improving your Reporting Efficiency

Manual processing of employee payroll and benefit requests and inquiries adds about 50% to the resource requirement of the HR department. Every time a single employee’s payroll details need changing manually, you should work out the manual cost of the change versus that same cost if done automatically.

The additional pressure of possible resultant human errors, from either the employee or the administrator, will inevitably lead to disgruntled employees. How much time and effort will be required to identify and correct the single incorrect calculation or input?

For instance, if 300 employees work multi-shifts and at variable pay rates, then the associated time card administration will require hours of linear calculations absorbing hours of your HR department’s time.

With all these and more in mind, we recommend our flagship HR & Payroll Software Aruti HR & Payroll Software.

Aruti is an Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Human Resources and Payroll Management System in Ghana, ideal for managing the organization's most valuable assets the "Human Capital". Aruti is equipped with every aspect of HR management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities.

Features of Aruti

Employee Bio Data Payroll Management

Loans & Savings Management Leave Management

Recruitment Management Online Job vacancy portal

Time & Attendance Management On Job Training Management

Claim & Refund Management Integration with Active Directory

Performance & Appraisal Management Training Needs Analysis

Employee Self Service Manager Self Service

Integration with Time & Attendance Devices Integration with Electronic Banking Interface

Integration with Financial Accounting Software

The best part about Aruti is that you get to select the modules that suit your requirements and add one more modules in the future. As your business expands, Aruti grows with you and continues to meet your ever-changing needs.

We offer free 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year remote support after implementation and training depending on your level of investment.

Try our 30-day free trial today!



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