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Why Ghanaian Businesses Should Automate Leave Management

In Ghana, the average number of leave days ranges from 21-28 days depending on the organization and the hierarchy in the organization and having to track this can be a hectic job. The traditional methods of tracking employee leave days are both time consuming and money wasting as businesses expand and recruit more employees.

Businesses in Ghana, from SMEs to multi-nationals, need an automated leave management system. Here is why. With a leave management system, employees can apply for leave online to be approved by the employer or HR personnel. The company can in turn customize the leave types and setup the suitable leave policy.

Leave Management enables employees do the following:

Request leaves

View past leave history

On the hand, the employer can review and approve leave applications as well as track outstanding leaves.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider automating your Leave Management System

  • Benefits both the company and the employees.

  • Eliminates tedious hours of manual work.

  • Enables effortless tracking of leaves.

  • Eliminates bulky records.

  • Eases the HR manager's day-to-day activities.

  • In advance, you can plan for an employee's absence.

Additionally, here are more reasons why you should look out for a Leave Management System

  • Makes it easy for employees to get all the information regarding the policies at a central location.

  • The management can get an idea of employee availability for any given date and time.

  • Easy access to leave details helps employees to plan out their leaves and avoids confusion.

  • Elimination of errors that occurred due to the manual process.

  • Employees can apply for leaves and check the status of leave approval just by logging in.

Now that you know the various reasons why you should automate your leave management system, have a look at Aruti Leave Management module which comes packed with features with an easy to use and customizable interface. With a few click of button, leave application will be done saving your time from filling up a paper form.


You can click here to download and enjoy a 30-day free trial today!



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