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The fastest way to Increase your Hotel Room Sales and Revenue

eZee offers a Powerful, Flexible & Easy to Use Online Booking Engine

As a hotel manager your worst nightmare is walking down the halls of your hotel and realizing that the rooms are empty. There’s a sad stillness that not only marks the sign of a quiet moment, but also the sign of a failing business.

The first, and most obvious reason, to focus on increasing hotel room sales is because it is a drive to revenue. Generating more revenue will give the hotel managers and operators the opportunity to offer guests with the superior and best experience they expect.

Another reason to prioritize hotel room bookings is to provide guests with the atmosphere they expect. A nearly empty hotel does not provide your guests with a lively, charismatic atmosphere.

How can I get more bookings and more revenue?”

This is the question that every hotelier must answer to keep their business alive. The question is simple, but answering it can be a challenge,especially when you’re engrossed in managing the day-to-day operations of your hotel.

Let me help you.There are many ways to boost your hotel bookings and get more revenue, but one important strategy is to leverage your business reputation by using its online platform and using a hotel booking engine is one of the fastest and simplest ways.

Here are some features Online booking engine offer that can help boost your room sales

  • Make direct booking experience quick, easy and seamless

Allows guest to complete online booking easily, customize your booking engine with your hotel brand and finally get booked by guests on-the-go, through their mobile phone with an optimized responsive system this makes it

  • Engage and Up-sell Guests

You can up-sell guests with promotional rates, packages and extras to increase revenue and guests loyalty as well as nurture guest relationships with fully-customized emails during and post-stay to drive guest satisfaction and repeat business

  • Credit Card Processing or Payment Gateway Options

With the integration of payment gateway with the online booking engine, your guests can make direct payments via credit card and online banking (net banking)

  • Ready plug and Play widgets

Allows you to set up and display several new widgets right on your website. When someone visits your website or is about to leave or is simply browsing through; these widgets will influence your looker to engage with you, push him to reach your booking engine page and eventually convert him.

  • Statistics,Reports and Logs

Get complete breakdown of all the front-end and back-end operations of your hotel from reports.From revenue related reports and reports giving you reservation statistics for Mobile, Desktop and Facebook. With this you can make better decisions and revise operational efficiency.

  • Website Engagements

with the integration of your hotel website to the online booking engine, you will reduce website abandonment and enhance guests booking experience.

You can experience these features Here to increase your room sales Now!

Call 050 1384966 for more enquiries on eZee Online booking engine


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