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The Contactless Guest Journey Has Come To Stay- Get Started!

CONTACTLESS TECH, created as a result of COVID-19, is at the core of the paradigm change that most companies, particularly those in travel and hospitality, have had to rely on to secure their existence and prevent the virus's spread. The Guest journey, which consisted of multiple rounds had to be re-imagined and dynamically re-engineered to deal with the complexity of requirements and compliance demands in the new now. Technology has necessarily had to undergo continual and rapid development, and customer investments are sometimes forced to be made to enable this business to ride the trend, comply with safety and customer standards, and cope with growing prices.

All of this has condensed and reduced the visitor experience to suit the easy way with virtually all of the previously human-centric touchpoints becoming touchless. Some may argue that this transformation has rendered this once-service-oriented company soulless.

Face-to-face human interaction has become one of our fatalities throughout this epidemic. How will the contactless trip be impacted as we emerge and learn to coexist with COVID? Will we see another shift in which contactless technology becomes hybrid, with a dash or two of humanity tossed in for good measure?

Contactless service has come to stay. This is why there is no other better time eZee Contactless Service could have come to play. But now.


Our end-to-end technological solutions are driven by a diverse set of modules and connections that decrease manual interventions while providing your visitors with the greatest contactless journey possible. You may provide contactless experiences at every stage of your guest's life cycle, from obtaining bookings to staying in touch with them after they've left.


How to make bookings contactless?

  1. You should get listed on maximum OTAs.

  2. Get a hotel website and integrate a booking engine to acquire direct bookings

  3. You can tie up with local travel agents

  4. Highlight and promote the cleanliness measures that you’re taking

  5. Avoid keeping non-refundable and non-cancellable booking policies


How to make pre-arrival contactless?

  1. Have a guest portal to let them request for early contactless hotel check-in, pick-up facility, or any other amenities.

  2. You can collect guest details from the portal easily

  3. Provide online payment facility

  4. Send pre-arrival emails to initiate guest engagement


How to make arrival contactless?

  1. You can have self-check-in kiosks at the front desk

  2. You can share room allocation details via email or SMS

  3. Adopt digital keys viz. Bluetooth enabled or electronic key


How to make their stay contactless?

  1. Let your guests check bills, amend stay, and request extra amenities (housekeeping, laundry, room service, etc) from the guest portal.

  2. Provide staff with PMS mobile app to: Check reservations and Respond to guests' queries

  3. Assign, track, and manage housekeeping.

  4. Send updates on emails or the portal for services, offers, events at the property


How to make their departure contactless?

  1. Let your guests perform self check-out

  2. Let them a request for drop-off and late check-out from the guest portal

  3. You can send invoices, payment reminders on emails

  4. Encourage your guests to make online payments


Post departure engagement

  1. Ask for guest reviews via emails

2. Additionally, you can send promotional emails to stay in touch with your guests

eZee offers end-to-end cloud-based hotel technology that allows you to give your visitors a touch-free stay. We will assist you to satisfy all of your guests' expectations during this pandemic by providing everything from hotel software, booking engine, mobile PMS, payment gateway integrations, and a self-service site for visitors. If you're still unsure, take advantage of a free 14-day trial to get a firsthand look at the program.


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