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The All-In-One HR System In Ghana Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Your human resources software is sluggish. It doesn't update as frequently as it should. It doesn't automate your operations. HR software that is time-consuming and lacks mobile features will drive many candidates to abandon the application process before completing it. Candidates, according to CareerBuilder, want to complete the procedure in 10 minutes or less. Current workers will not utilize HR software if they cannot access it on their phones or if it makes them jump through hoops to do things like clocking in and out or accessing perks. Another difficulty with HR software is, trapped with a system that your organization has quickly outgrown.

The Way Forward

A Smart Applicant tracking system;

1. Automates recruiting procedures.

2. It gives you more time to plan.

3. Stay current on trends

4. Launch new HR initiatives

5. Improve the culture of your organization.

A recruitment management system may even assess prospects and schedule up interviews for you, allowing you to focus on only the best candidates. Other modular HR solutions, like onboarding, performance management, and pay management, may round out the picture by providing your workers with a streamlined experience that puts them in charge of their data. Employees will not only be able to enter their data, reducing mistakes, but it will also save time for your HR department.

If you don't already have HR software, now is the time to get started. Paper-based manual operations are not only slower than digital processes, but they also pose a security and compliance risk. Your workers' data contains sensitive information, if handled manually and insecurely, might get into the hands of the wrong people. There are also legal problems to consider. A modular solution, such as Aruti, may grow with your business.

The Aruti Human Resources and Payroll Management System: made up of the following sub-components, work seamlessly together.

Employee and Manager Self-Service at Aruti

Aruti Employee and Managers Self Service will relieve your workers and managers of all hassles and significant tasks of the HR department. It allows you to engage in everyday Human Resources operations in your firm. This feature operates on a user role basis. Each employee and manager will be able to access just those parts that are relevant to them.

System for Payroll and Human Resources Management

Using this feature of Aruti, you can easily calculate your employees' salaries and deductions in compliance with the statutory staff.

Management System for Performance and Assessment

This function can link staff productivity by keeping track of an individual's job performance and providing timely merited assessments.

System for Managing Employee Biodata

Aruti Employee Biodata Management will preserve all necessary information in the system, from an employee's personal information to his hobbies and interests.

System for Managing Leaves Online

The Aruti Leave, Absence, and Time Management tool will retain records of the leaves taken and days worked while supervising the employee's absence, attendance, and working hours data.

System for Recruitment Management

Aruti Recruiting Management allows you to conveniently manage your vacancy announcements and job applications via an online interface while lowering your recruitment expenditures.

System for Managing Time and Attendance

Aruti Time and Attendance Management make use of biometric devices. It allows you to compute an employee's working hours and overtime did.

Aruti is the best answer for your company when all factors are considered, from your budget to resolving your inquiries.


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