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Success In The Hotel Industry: The No 1 Thing To Keep You On Top

At the very least, two items: Maintain an internet presence that simplifies the reservation process and provide exceptional customer service so that people who return to your region will select your hotel again. Automating everyday operations and administrative duties is a critical component of improving customer satisfaction since it allows for consistent and high-quality service. A hotel is a complicated system that includes the actions of several departments, and each activity must be recorded. Hoteliers use spreadsheets, paper forms, and unified property management systems to do this. Which is not advisable.

This blog is here to serve you with more information on right property management system that can help you achieve the aforementioned and more.

What exactly does a property management system entail?

A property management system (PMS) is a software solution that aids in the administration of reservations and administrative chores at hotels. Front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, and payment processing are the most important functions. Although PMS software is primarily used to manage reservations and financial transactions, it may also be used to manage housekeeping and human resources. In general, a hotel's main processes related to internal and external operations are facilitated by a PMS.

The Housekeeping Feature And Its Importance

Every guest has a basic expectation of cleanliness. When traveling, you would also request a clean and tidy hotel room. The majority of hotel guests would choose a cleanroom over free amenities any day. Also, an unclean and messy room is a common guest complaint, if you think about it.

However, there are times when hotels face difficulties. After all, there are various housekeeping challenges involved and strategies are needed to be made to cope with them.

Housekeeping challenges in hotels need to be managed well with effective strategies and thought processes. The housekeeping process needs to be aware of the clean and dirty rooms and constantly maintain common areas (especially post this pandemic). Do highlight these measures on your website and social media handles to gain trust.

Managing Household Tasks with eZee

Housekeeping is the management of the house. It includes cleanliness, care and service, and the comfort of guests.

Keeping work areas clean and orderly; rooms, halls, kitchens, and floors clean; and removing waste materials are examples of housekeeping.

Housekeeping does not function without decoration. You can personalize your property for your visitors by decorating it.

The Housekeeping Module will assist management in completing a task efficiently and effectively.

How does the Housekeeping Module function?


When a property checks out a visitor (the module changes the status of the reservation to Checked Out). if the room is occupied (it has In-House status)

The visitor relocates to a different room (if a guest checked into room A and he moves to room B, room A becomes dirty)

The PMS housekeeping module connects cleaning personnel to the front office. A front-office manager may create a list of chores to assign, and housekeepers can update room status. If the PMS is cloud-based, housekeepers may update the state of their assignments or rooms using a mobile app or tablet. This module also retains a list of maintenance chores and reports for its users.

For example, you can use the hotel software to track both the arrival and departure lists of visitors. And notify the cleaner to clean the rooms of all guests who will check out of the hotel. Furthermore, anytime a guest checks in and requests a room, the system allows you to immediately determine whether or not a housekeeper has cleaned the room. The ideal approach is to coordinate duties, keep track of arriving and leaving visitors and prepare yourself ahead of time. You may easily prevent problems in housekeeping operations this way.

The primary role is housekeeping management and property upkeep. The housekeeping feature involves:

  1. Managing room status

  2. Assigning maids to clean rooms depending on a block or floor location

  3. Keeping lists of tasks for housekeepers.

Maintenance management keeps the record of hotel disruptions and repairs with the further assignment of an attendant who can eliminate a problem.

Every hotel should look upon their housekeeping as a scientific occupation to always thrive in a competitive market.

Thus, you must move to a hotel management system that offers the housekeeping management module, if you want to stay competitive, profitable, and guest-centric in this industry.

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