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Reduce HR Data Entry Burden with Aruti ESS

The Best HR & Payroll Software in Ghana
Looking for an Employee Self-service Management System? We recommend Aruti HR & Payroll Software

With the employee talent market in Ghana increasingly competitive, Employee Self-Service allows you to stay on top by creating a reliable work culture and retain employees and talent by giving your employees the power to control their employment information.

Employee self-service management systems engage your employees in recognition programs, performance & appraisal management programs and company-wide activities.

Need an Employee Self- Service Management System?

We recommend Aruti HR & Payroll Software.

Getting Aruti Employee Self-Service Management System means you do not always have to edit employee data because employees can do that themselves.

Did an employee move? Did an employee’s emergency contact get a new phone number? Or, did an employee open an account at a new bank? Making these little changes in your payroll system can be tedious.

With Aruti ESS, you can pass some of the work onto employees. Employees can log into the ESS system and make changes to their payroll information. This can make changes fast and efficient.

Also, employees know their personal information better than you do so when employees can update their own information, there might be fewer payroll errors.

Do your employees need copies of previous payslips?

In the Aruti ESS system, employees can view their payroll history. They can view and print payslips. They can see how much time they worked in each pay period and how much time off they have left. Employees can also see how much you deducted from each paycheck.

When employees have access to their payroll history, they can quickly get the information they need without using you as a middleman.

Leave. Leave. Leave

It is very important to employees. You want to be able to make it easy for employees to request for leave and get rid of the manual process as well. With ESS, all of this and more is made possible.

With ESS, employees can also view important information without having to go through an HR person. Payroll and benefits documents can be uploaded with employee self-service. The documents can include employee handbook, employee benefits information, common employee forms, etc.

If you ever have to update a document, you simply upload the new version and employees can view the changes.

Other Features of Aruti Employee Self-Service Management System include:

Manage their profile, benefits, addresses, dependents, beneficiaries, and references.

Apply for internally advertised jobs.

Apply for leave and monitor leave approval status.

Conduct Self Performance Evaluation

Receive information & training enrolments

Conduct end of course training evaluations

One major benefit is that Aruti Employee Self-Service can work with other Aruti HR & Payroll Modules such as:

Aruti Manager Self-service Management Module

Aruti Payroll, Loans & Savings Module

Aruti Employee Bio-Data

Aruti Performance & Appraisal Module

Aruti Recruitment Management Module

Aruti Leave & Absence Management Module

Aruti Training Needs Analysis Module

Aruti Medical Bills & Claims Assessment Module etc.

Want to try Aruti employee self-service?

Aruti employee self-service can save you a lot of time. When you use Aruti ESS with Aruti payroll software, you reduce administrative tasks and give employees the opportunity to take control of some of their information.

Click here to download and enjoy the 30-day free trial of Aruti HR & Payroll software.

Get in touch with us for more information.



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