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HR Trends in 2023 - Ghanaian Business in Focus

Human Resource Management all around the world is constantly evolving and businesses need to always be on the lookout for trends to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, reduce employee turnover etc. A deep dive into the key HR trends in 2023 was done and here are a few of the trends you can incorporate into your organization.

Gamification of tasks

People work harder if they are competing towards a goal or reward to be achieved and your employees are no different. According to Antreas Koutis: "Gamification is the use of game-like elements in non-game contexts, such as using points, badges, and leaderboards to encourage employees to achieve their goals. Gamification can also be used to engage employees in learning new skills or knowledge. There are many ways to gamify your HR program, but one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to make sure the games you create are fun and challenging"

Communication is Key

A number of factors such as inflation being on the rise, utilities prices, and the possibility of economic recessions have introduced doubt and uncertainty in the minds of employers and employees about the future. What decision will your organisation be taking? Raise salaries to keep people afloat or hold back because the possibility of a recession may reduce profitability?

If you business cannot raise profits, you can take a look at employees' benefits.

You may not need to introduce new benefits however, you will need to communicate better about existing ones. Build a multichannel communications strategy that will make communications louder and reach every employee.

Increase Employee Retention

Businesses are slowly recovering from the pandemic and the number 1 priority is retaining top talents and not losing them to competitors. It will become quite clear that it is more cost-effective to invest in retaining existing employees than to constantly recruit and train new ones.

To stay a step ahead of your competition, you need to invest more in employee development and engagement programs.

Be Flexible

Companies are embracing flexible work arrangements which makes it likely that even more employees will be working from home in the next few years. To prepare for this trend, your company needs to focus on creating policies and procedures that will make it easy for employees to work remotely. Check all communication and collaboration tools and ensure that they are up to date so that everyone can stay connected.

Rely More on Advanced HR Tech

Experts are anticipating that in 2023, the majority of HR departments across the industry will start relying on advanced HR Management tools. This means if you have not implemented an HR system, you need start looking for one as soon as possible. You also need to ensure that you choose the right service provider.


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