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5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stand Out - In The Ghanaian Market

There are times when staying on top in the hotel industry can be difficult. Especially in these times when competition is tight in the industry.

Other Hoteliers and management teams are constantly being creative to keep guests satisfied and drive more group business, don’t stay left out. Below are some tips to keep your hotel management approach always strategically sound, offer the best experience, and market it in creative ways.

Integrate Feedback

Feedback is a vital key in managing any business. It makes getting insights into areas of improvement for your hotel simpler.

Feedback should not only be from your customers but employees too. You can conduct employee feedback sessions during monthly or quarterly meetings. Make sure to provide your team with the feeling that they will not be, reprimanded for speaking their true feelings. You can leave feedback cards in your hotel or follow up with an email survey.

Stay On Top of Trends

As a hotelier, one thing you should always be up to date with hotel trends. What was sophisticated or trendy yesterday may be considered cliche or tacky in a few years.

It can be done by bringing interior designers every few years to update the look and feel of the hotel based on data-driven guest preferences. And your hotel should reflect the current state of your market.

For instance, during these times of pandemic, providing QR codes, extra cleaning, and social distancing protocols will demonstrate that you take guest safety seriously.

Communicate Effectively With Your Team & Customers

Communication is essential for effective hotel management. Miscommunication or no communication leads to mistakes, which lead to crises. Learning the art of communication will keep your team on the same page. Ensuring vital elements of the guest experience will be not overlooked. And you come off as a united front with your team before the customers.

Use the following methods to communicate effectively:

  • Face-to-face: helps make a personal connection.

  • Meetings: helps gain feedback from all your employees.

  • Video: helps tell a story because pictures are worth 1,000 words.

  • Internal social media: helps build culture and rapport.

  • Employee app: helps to keep everyone on the same page and keep all employees engaged.

Have Amazing Incentives For Your Employees

Drive engagement, boost motivation, and keep employees happy with great employee incentives. A hotel and any other organization need its employees happy. To be able to create the right atmosphere for guests to enjoy their stay. No one likes a rude host/hostess to attend to their needs. The best way to avoid this is by keeping your employees happy and ready to work at all times.

Partner with local businesses.

Guests go on vacations to reflect holistically, so the more you can contribute to a peaceful stay as a whole, the better it reflects on your property. Making connections with businesses around your hotel is a great way to bring that to fruition. For instance, you can team up with tourists sites in town for your guests interested in tourism to visit. The pleasant experience your guests have will benefit you since you are the one who led them to it. Just as hanging out with cool friends makes you cool too.

It’s not your customer’s job to remember you, it is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you. - Patricia Fripp


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