Aruti Training Needs Analysis Management

Training Enrollment

The Training enrollment feature allows the users of the system to track which employees out of the those that were scheduled for the training actually participated in the training.  

 After the training, the users of the system can use this same feature to scan / attach any certificates the training attendees are awarded. 

The users can also use this same feature to perform further actions after training such as re-categorization of employees, updating employee qualifications and salary increment. 


Owing to the competent and agile work environment in your organization, each of your employee needs to be skilled and equipped with your work standards and eventually meet the acceptance level. To keep them up-to-date with your organization’s workflow and ensure a start on developing the capabilities, Aruti includes an ‘up to the mark’ Training Needs Analysis module which is directly linked with the performance and goals of an employee and your organization.

 Aruti On Job Training Module Process



Aruti On-The-Job-Training and Training Needs Analysis allows you to:

  • Define and set skill gap.

  • Set business needs and priorities.

  • Define Key Result Areas for respective training

  • Set training objectives.

  • Develop your workforce through robust training plans, which is eventually linked with your organization’s goals.

  • Manage training costs more efficiently by interconnecting the process to your financial systems.

  • Schedule training and enroll employees accordingly while being alert about possible schedule conflicts with issues like leaves and employee holidays.

  • Measure the impact of training by performing post-training evaluations.

  • Receive training feedback through decisive end-of-course evaluation questionnaires.

  • Automatically update employee skills and qualifications based on the scores they get, once they complete their training.

The 3 Components of Aruti On The Job Training Module

Training Needs Analysis
training schedule.png
Training Schedule
Training Enrollment

Training Needs Analysis

This feature allows users of the system / an organization to identify or specify which employees need to undergo training after performance assessment.

Training needs analysis can be described as the general process through which the organisation or one of its parts:

Request a Demo
Request a Demo
Identifies the competence needed for the success of its business and operation
Specifies the range, extent, and aim of training action needed
Analyses how best the training needs can be met

The users of the system can create training courses and assign the employees who needs to be part of the training course. 


Further, the users can link the training course to Key Result Areas(KRAs) , specify the skill gap priority, business priority, training venue, training objective as well as the strategic goal.


Training Schedule

Through this feature, your organization or the users of the system will be able to capture the following useful information:

Training Information
(Course, Training year, Qualification, Results, Trainer, Contact person, Venue)
Budget & Funding
(For Fees, Misc, Travel, Accommodation, Allowance, Meals, Material, Exam)
Training Resources
(Laptop, Projector,Brochures etc.)
Trainers' Information
(Information of Internal or External Consultants / Service Providers providing  training)

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