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Why you should choose RealBooks Accounting Software

As a new business, choosing which accounting software to implement can be a daunting task. Existing businesses that are not satisfied with their current in house software due to poor after sales support or inability of their current software to fulfill their needs also faces headache when making a new choice due to fear of encountering same worst nightmares.

Is a pitty many small to medium businesses simply choose leading software products like Tally, QuickBooks, Sage just because they are popular.

Is true these are trusted brands but is best to invest in a complete accounting software that fulfill all your requirements today as well as you can grow with it (scalable)

In modern times, new solutions have emerged; RealBooks allows you to plan, manage and analyse your business and finances like a Fortune 500 company. Here is why you should choose RealBooks

Cloud Based with Complete Accounting Features

Unlike Tally, Busy, RealBooks is completely cloud based software that offers you complete Accounting Software with integrated Point of Sale + Inventory. QuickBooks has an online version but with limitation in inventory capabilities like no multi location with improper user control.

Freedom to choose your preferred Inventory valuation method

Most accounting software either by default are using average cost or FIFO. Some also don't have LIFO available. RealBooks have all these 3 options available giving the user choice to select their own preferred accounting software

Customizable Dashboard

Almost all popular accounting software comes with a static dashboard with or without graphics. RealBooks gives you the facility to customize your own dashboard with content + themes /colours of your choice

Block negative sales

Inventory managers hate to see inventory reports with negative stock quantities. Most popular Point of Sale Software & Accounting Software only warns users without blocking the sale.

RealBooks gives you the option to to decide whether system should block sales that will result in negative stock or warns the user

Branch Accounting

Imagine having multi branches or companies. How do you allow all the users in other locations to login to one central system and further restrict them to their respective branches / companies or segments? Most accounting softwares don't have this feature. RealBooks allows you to do this with ease. The best part is that, you can perform branch reconiliation and easily check consolidated financial statements for all your companies or branches at group or branch level.

RealBooks allows you to perform branch accounting for unlimited companies / branches. With one single login you have can have access to multiple companies / subsidiaries and you can easily run at consolidated report for all. Further you can restrict users to any segment as per your wish.

Notifications & Alerts

In most popular accounting system the only system notification available comes from reports available in the software. However, in RealBooks you will users can create / setup any exceptions based on defined parameters that trigger automated SMS and email alerts​

Monthly and Yearly Period closures

You will find most accounting software allows you to close end of year only. RealBooks further allows you to set periodical closures like end of month closure so that no one can alter previous month data giving you more data security over your financial information



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