Increase your Business Efficiency this year with our Cutting edge Features - Realbooks

What goals did you set for this year? I bet one of the key goals is to increase your business efficiency.

Running a business might potentially sap your time and energy as you try to stay on top of your financial affairs.Whether big or small there is the need to keep track of cash flows, receivables/payables and other financial information In most cases, this leads to critical decisions that might cause havoc with the efficiency of your business.

But Wait! what if there was a tool that could help keep the level of your business efficiencies up. Would you consider it?

Realbooks, a cloud based accounting-inventory software acts as a command center for running your entire business on your finger tips.

Here are some features of Realbooks that can help increase the efficiency of your business.

Cloud Based with Complete Accounting Features

RealBooks is completely cloud based software that offers you complete Accounting Software with integrated Point of Sale + Inventory. With realbooks, you can access your books anytime and anywhere. No need for expensive Servers and IT team. You can also generate invoices offline at factory and shops. Unlike other cloud based softwares that have limitations with inventory capabilities realbooks gives you full inventory functionalities.

Branch Accounting

If your organization has multiple branches then realbooks is what you need. RealBooks allows you to create and perform branch accounting for unlimited companies and branches. With one single login you have can have access to multiple companies and get amalgamated reports for all branches. Realbooks also allow to define permission for various users at different branches and allows for unlimited multiple users as compared to Quickbooks which has limited number of users.

Perfect Reports

Get access to detailed report to know all transaction and activities going on in your organization as well as track payables and receivables easily. With order and sales reports you can measure the productivity of the organization. These reports available in realbooks​ can also be scheduled to be mailed at pre defined timelines​. This means decision makers or business owner will always have the required information hence they will be faster decision making.

Scheduled Notification

Get RealBooks to send you automated reports on Profit and Loss statement, Cash Flow statement, Trial Balance, Ledger report, Day Book, etc. The good thing is you can set schedules as to when and when you want to receive these notifications.

Explore more features

These few but exclusive features will help increase your business efficiency in diverse ways and hence increase your revenue.

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