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Set Up

 This feature allows your organization to define it's own assessment periods

-  define the various assessors (ie supervisors, line managers , HODs, HR) and further assign employees under them so that at time of assessment those assessors will only see employees under them

-  also define reviewers (GM, CEO, external entity)

- They can define assessment scale / rating (eg. 5  = Excellent performer, 4 = Good Perfomer, 3 = Average perfomer, 1 = Poor Perfomer)

-  define balance score card items or employee goals (same as  KPI, KPA, target / objectives) within any given timeframe 

-  define employee competencies (ie General behaviour evaluation items) 

 And finally define custom title items (eg do you recommend this employee for training ? , Was this employee provided all the tools he needs to do his work?, etc


Aruti offers 2 to 3 levels of assessment (ie Self Assessment, Assessor assessment & reviewer assessment)

 Self Assessment: In employee self service (ESS), employee will login and based on assigned KPI, they will rate themselves based on weight or scale defined.  After inserting ratings, employees will have the option to leave their remarks also for each KPI . When KPI rating is done, employee will move on to the next part of evaluating themselves based on the competence or general behavior items assigned.  Eg. Suppose a competence item like Do you listen and effectively evaluate customer questions? , then employee can rate himself as say 60% or say 3 if using a scale. After competence evaluation is completed ,then they submit and save the record so email will get sent to assessor for assessor to begin asessor assessment


Assessor Asssement: this is where supervisors, HODs, line managers will  assess employee. The process is same as the self assesment. Assessors will rate employees on KPI followed by competence and also  leave their remarks. Option is available for agreed scores. However, in assessor assessment we can give option for assessor to fill in custom items such as "Which areas does this employee requires improvement in job performance"? ,  Which areas of work is this employee notable for performing


   There are 3 aspects of our appraisal. (Appraisal setup, Appraisal analysis and Appraisal)

  • 1st user define appraisal setup.

 In this we will define actions that should be taken by system or we want to apply if employee score from say x to say Y. Eg. If employee score from say 3 to 3.90 then system should qualify him with recognition letter. etc. 

  • Appraisal Analysis : This feature allows the organization or a user to shortlist for employees whose score falls within a specified condition. eg As per given screenshot an HR user can filter during the appraisal analysis part that he / she is looking for all employees who overral score is greater than 1 so that they can get list of all employees who fall within the condition to perform further operation like offer rewards / punishment

  • AppraisalIt is at this stage that rewards / punishment is given. After the appraisal analysis was done, HR user was able to filter / shortlist employees who met a certain appraisal analysis criteria so after that in appraisal screen we can search for those employees based on a reference no or search for them based on their overral scores, and then apply an appraisal action like certification of recognition / appreciation, salary increment, suspension, etc