Aruti HR & Payroll Software |Features

Aruti Payroll Management

Effortlessly measure your employee’s earnings and deductions in accordance to the statutory staff governing regulations in your country through Aruti Payroll, Loan and Savings management. This module will also help you generate customized and mandatory statutory reports depending upon your country’s requirements.


Aruti Bio Data Management

Right from an employee’s personal information to his hobbies and interests, Aruti Employee Biodata Management will save all the required information in the system. The module also records information like present and past addresses, medical details, important dates as well as the employee’s pictures.

Aruti Leave and Absence Management

Supervising the employee’s absence, attendance and working hours details, Aruti Leave, Absence and Time Management feature will keep records of the leaves taken and days worked. Additionally, the employee will also be able to be directly involved in the process through a simple login interface such that he remains updated with his attendance details.

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Aruti Time and Attendance Management

Making use of biometric devices, Aruti Time and Attendance Management will let you calculate the working hours of your employees along with overtime done. Integrate the working time of the employees with the payroll system of your organization, such that each employee will be paid on the basis of their productive hours at work.

Aruti Recruitment Management

Manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and cut down your recruitment costs through Aruti Recruitment Management. By means of this module, the job applicants at your firm will simply have to submit their resume and relevant documents through an internet interface, thereby avoiding the traditional paper methods.

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Aruti Performance and Appraisal Management

Keeping track of an individual’s work performance and timely deserved appraisals, this feature of Aruti is connected to productivity of your employees. Your organization will be able to formulate strategies and goals on performance evaluation of your employees depending upon the designation of each one. Aruti Performance & Assessment Management module will let you conduct smooth and periodic performance reviews owing to this aspect.


Aruti Training Needs Analysis Management

Owing to the competent and agile work environment in your organization, each of your employee needs to be skilled and equipped with your work standards and acceptance level. To keep them up-to-date with your organization’s workflow and ensure a start on developing the capabilities, Aruti includes an ‘up to the mark’ Training Needs Analysis module which is directly linked with the performance and goals of an employee and your organization.

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Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management

Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management is an inbuilt function that manages employees' disciplinary cases, incidents of defiance, grievances and appeals in a fair and open environment. The system is flexible to adopt various courses of charges, proceedings and hearings for each case as per your organization’s pre-defined processes.

Aruti Medical Bills and Claims Management

Enter into direct contracts with the Medical Service Providers to offer your employees medical cover and related benefits from your organization and manage the medical bills and other health claims marked by your employees by the means of Aruti Medical Bills and Claims Management.


Aruti Manager and Employee Self- Service

Erasing all the worries and major responsibilities of the HR department, Aruti Employee and Managers Self Service will give your employees and managers an opportunity to participate in daily activities related to Human Resources in your organization. This feature works on privilege-basis, such that each employee and manager will be able to avail only those areas which are related to them.