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What is a Hotel Loyalty Software?

Hotel loyalty programs are popular within the hospitality industry because they encourage guests to be loyal to hotel brands they can trust, demonstrate consistent value, and customize an experience both while on property and in between stays.


 These guest loyalty programs in hotels include offering memberships to guests, and in turn present them with the amenities, discounts and reward points when they transact with that hotel brand.


So, basically introducing a hotel rewards program is one way to thank your hotel’s loyal and frequent guests.

How exactly do these loyalty programs benefit hotels?

Since guests these days prefer to stick to a hotel brand they trust, introducing rewards program has become inevitable to maintain the revenue earned. And this is not just for hotel groups, but also for independent hotels who want to spread their brand loyalty.

They foster your brand value
Your repeat guests increase
You attract new guests
Your hotel revenue grows
Cashless payments make way
Your direct bookings amplify

What role does eZee iLoyalty play in your hotel loyalty program?

eZee iLoyalty is a loyalty program software that covers the whole nine yards of your hotel loyalty programs. Start building, running and maintaining all your hotel rewards straightaway.


Rewards, promotions and redemptions

As a part of guest loyalty program in your hotel, eZee iLoyalty helps you set up your promotions and rewards that you’d like to offer to your loyal customers.


Either you provide reward points, or give discounts and promotions on stays, or even Spa and other recreational services that you offer; the loyalty program software manages the whole ball of wax effortlessly.


You also get choose when you want to offer the rewards; either on first transaction, or every time they transact or in some other way.

Any customer who gets enrolled in your hotel’s loyalty program usually has a loyalty card.


Using those cards or promotional codes that you might have, your customers can redeem their earned reward points and gifts. eZee iLoyalty lets you define unique rewards such as gifts or merchandise that your customers may value more highly.

A Comprehensive Loyalty Management Software


Card Management



Loyalty program cards are the key for your guests to avail the offers you’re running for your members. With eZee iLoyalty, you can restrict a membership card to a hotel or location; or you can keep it open for the whole of your hotel chain.


Guest Notifications



Attract your guests by informing them about the exciting promotions and reward programs you’re running via emails and SMS from this customer loyalty software. Besides, they’re also notified on each transaction happening on their membership at your hotel.


Transaction History




Keep track of your customers’ journey who’ve enrolled in your hotel rewards program and how they’re putting their membership of your hotel to use through our loyalty program software.


Website Widget




Our hotel loyalty program software also comes with a website widget using which you can showcase your rewards program to the visitors. The members can directly login to their accounts from the widget and keep an eye on the transactions.


Guest Database and Preferences


For your loyalty program management, you’d want your guests’ preferences saved so that you can cater to them well. With eZee iLoyalty, you get all your guests’ information at a single place to give you a clear idea on their requirements.


Graphical dashboard






You get all the detailed insights through the graphical representation of your hotel loyalty program.Get fully accustomed with the in and out of your loyalty programs at one place.


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