Guest service with a Smile 

FrontDesk is the heart of every hotel’s operations, it acts as the center of operations where majority of the information passes through and processes are triggered.

Front Office Module

Manage Reservations, Walk-Ins, Check-Ins, Posting Entries, Housekeeping Updates, Guest Name Lookup from an intuitive user interface.

View Rates and Availability by Room Type or Room Number and easily make a reservation.

Get Direct Billing / City ledger and Folio Transfer options for settlement.

Have access to Night Audit process with automated backup system and reports.

Walk - in

Capture the information and personal data pertaining to the guests such as stay duration, additional guest if any,
personal information from guest‟s profile, folio amount, payment, balance, discount, print folio, additional charges. Details are also there related to Business source and
commission paid to them.

  • Exchange Room: Allows you to interchange the room of guest with another

       occupied room.

  • Change Stay: Allows you to increase or decrease dates of stay of Guest.

  • Add Extra Charge: Allows you to add Extra Charges  into Guests Folio/Invoice.

Check - Out

 Leave a lasting impression on your guests. Have a quick and error free check - out as you generate invoices in no time, add extra charges and process payments while offering guests the best service.

  • Late Check-Out Fee :If the guest is checking out late, the hotel erp software will instantly prompt you and offer four different options; Full Charge, Half Charge, Manual Charge or No Charge

  • Guest Billing: Generate accurate tax invoice with all the details of the guest, stay information, numbers of nights and other services rendered.

  • Payment Mode: Give your guest the convenience of choice for making payment by  Cash, Credit Card, Internet banking and even credit the amount to their account for future settlement.

Guest Ledger

Find list or records of all guests for a selected date range. That is in- house, checked - in, Checked - out etc.

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What other hoteliers have achieved with eZee Front Office Module 

AJDBIHDIHDI, Operations Manager

Oak Plaza Hotel

Robert Mensah,General Manager

Eusbett Hotel

AJDBIHDIHDI, Operations Manager

Oak Plaza Hotel

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