Why you need an Online Channel Manager

One Channel Manager for your PMS. Several benefits for your entire business

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Easy, swift and accurate online distribution service

eZee Centrix - channel management software will automate the online rate management and your hotel’s online inventory distribution with real-time updates on 100+ connected OTAs and global distribution systems.

Instantly Manage all your Distribution Sites from a Single Platform

No matter if your property is connected with 1, 2, 10 or 100 of OTA channels; with one click, eZee’s OTA synchronizer instantly updates your hotel's rates and inventories on all connected channels.

Efficiently Utilize Complete Hotel Inventory

eZee’s channel management software updates all your data in real-time, thereby enabling you to benefit from utilizing your complete inventory online, without the fear of over-bookings.

Automatic Room Rate Updates for Maximum Profit

 eZee Centrix distribution inventory management system lets you derive the Best Available Retail Rate (BAR) for selling the correct room at the right price, subsequently helping you sell more rooms while yielding maximum revenue.

Stop Sale at One Click

The "Stop Sale" feature of eZee’s inventory distribution system allows you to instantly stop the sale of your live inventory distributed across numerous channels.

Foreign Currency Rate Updates

From our inventory distribution channel manager, accept payments in foreign currencies and convert the revenue in local currency.

Make Overbooking a Thing of the Past

eZee Centrix instantly updates the latest availability across the integrated PMS and all your connected OTAs and GDSs which leads to minimal hotel overbookings as well as underbookings.

Maintain hotel rate parity without any effort

eZee Centrix channel manager ensures that any changes you make on the system are updated across all platforms in real-time, leaving one in a million chance for errors.

Get more: connect your hotel with 100+ travel portals

Our channel management system acts as a bridge between your hotel and numerous travel booking platforms increasing your online reach for higher booking contingency.

Make Overbooking a Thing of the Past

eZee’s OTA synchronizer offers integrations with over a hundred online travel booking sites including OTA, GDS, Vacation Rentals and more.

Take Advantage of our Channel Manager API

Quickly and effortlessly connect your eZee channel manager with numerous 3rd party solutions for better hotel management.


eZee will efficiently synchronize the Availability Calendar on leading vacation rental websites and allow you to get receive booking from this rising booking market.

Synchronization with Vacation Rental Portals

The seamless integration of eZee inventory distributor with hotel PMS and booking system, enables you to update live inventory on connected channels.

Flawless Interface with Hotel Software and Booking Engine

Enumerated analytics and reports

Through eZee’s channel management system, easily analyse and quantify the success of connected channels as per the revenue and bookings received from them. Thus, further evaluating the future strategies and taking necessary measures.

Take Advantage of our Channel Manager API

Easily manage numerous commission and bills associated with various connected channels as per the contract you sign with them.


Aiding you to get an efficient and strategic plan, eZee's channel manager provides you with detailed reports giving you real-time data of the hotel.

Audit Logs

Recording all the updates taking place in the system, the audit logs in eZee system ensure that your hotel data is always on record and secured.


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