Aruti Release Notes

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Aruti Release Notes


Aruti Configuration

Enhanced Features

New settings for P2P integration under Integration have been included :

1. For Budget Request validation : "Budget Request Validation Service URL".

2. For New Requistion : "New Requisition Request URL".


Aruti HR & Payroll

Enhanced Features

General :


Now increment date selection has been made mandatory. It will notify user if salary will be prorated and when. It will change this date if it is other than the first day of selected period.


Aruti is unable to create employee as user in AD

Performance Module :


System should  allow assessment scores above 100% when assessment setting on configuration is based on weight.


On custom section items when item needs to be linked to a completed training, it should be possible to link the item with the completed training in training module.


There should be a check box to include/exclude  completed training during the process of defining the custom item


System should lock employees and assessors/reviewer out of planning or assessing as per selected date by the user. It should notify users a few days before locking. It should also notify time set for progress updates.

In reviewer settings, if reviewer is the same as assessor, the system should consider assessor score as reviewer score ( i.e. Allow Same Assessor as Reviewer) Note : Login As Reviewer & Use "Copy Assessor Score"


Renaming of the caption “My Goals” to “My Balanced scorecard”


Changing the display of planning page such that themes(perspective) should not be repeated in case of same perspective but different objectives.


Planning should have five columns i.e.

  • Themes(Perspectives)

  • Objectives

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Weight

  • Objective goal value

Objective values should have comma separation


For objective planning, all qualitative and quantitative objective values should be allowed to exceed 100% otherwise there should be only one option for quantitative --> Option given in configuration for goal type inclusion.

On update progress there should be a formula to add up the entries updated. Currently, the system takes the last entry as a cumulative value.


During update progress, it should be possible to update more than one entry after approval on the same date.

During assessment, instructions should be on the first page just after selecting period and after reading instruction. The next page should by default display


The word Objective/Goals/Targets on Self Performance Evaluation can now be renamed to My Objectives.


On Employee Qualification report, you can now include employee code on report. The employee code is currently lacking on that report.

Discipline :

For the disciplinary templates, Employee code, grade and grade level fields are now enabled 


A field to pick final hearing date on disciplinary templates is now available.


You can now provide employee allocations on discipline letter templates fields


You can provide employee reporting to field on discipline templates. 


You can provide fields to pick hearing date, venue fields on discipline templates

On loan application. the screen there should be a field to set employee's loan account number, the account number should also be displayed on loan report.


Aruti Payroll/ Loan

Enhanced Features

Payroll :

On salary change screen, you can now create a connection between new scale text box and change amount text box. i.e if a user types in the new scale, the change amount calculates automatically.


On global assign ED screen / ED screen, when a user sets the stop date, the user can now prorate the earning/ deduction up to the set stop date

On salary change screen the user can now allow salary to be prorated for the new salary i.e for full basic salary, take old salary until the effective date of the new salary + new salary from the effective date


The ability to auto compute year of service allowance based on accumulated number of years employed including rehired period is now available.


On the payroll authorization screen, Aruti now has a link to payroll variance report. When user clicks on the link, he/she can view the payroll variance report of the month that has been processed.

Aruti can now handle more than one prorated calculation within (one) payroll period (Salaries, Allowances, Overtime, Per-diems, Leave, Travel, claims etc.) - Prorated earning/deduction for new employees that are to be paid in the next payroll period. (This is done for only Salary Heads and Flat Rate Heads as Formula based are calculated based on either prorated salary or prorated flat rate heads)


Option to "Prorate Flat Rate head" on Transaction Head for Recurrent Head has been updated.

        1.Prorate only Heads set from Trans Head has been included.

        2.Do not Prorate if Posted in same Leaving Period

        3.Prorate if is Joining and Posted in same period

        4.Prorate if Terminated and re- hired in same Period


Push amount in 3DES encrypted format in Flex Cube.


On employee cost center screen, Aruti has provided a global option to assign all employees, on a single transaction head to one cost centre. Also on this screen, analysis by option where user can filter out employees is now available.

Loan :

On loan application screen there is now a field to set employee's loan account number. The account number is now also displayed on loan report.


Aruti Leave/ Time & Attendance

Enhanced Features

Leave :


Currently on ESS leave planner screen, system asks employee to select employee. This is not ideal since the employee is doing the planner for himself/herself. Alternatively,you can check the COX.


On expense assignment the user can now assign occurrence of a request without having accrue value.


On sector/route assignment, the option to global assign routes is now available.


On the expense information screen, there is now a setting box (showed on ESS) which by default should be check marked - This will enable user to decide if that particular claim can be requested from both ESS and MSS or MSS only.


Aruti Utilities

Enhanced Features

Claim & Request :


For P2P Setting on the Claim Master screen, Cost Center selection has been included for Capex Expenditure specific type of expense only. If Expense is Budget Mandatory then we can add all Capex and Opex Expenditure type in one expense application but HR Expense cannot be added in that application. For HR Expense, the User/Employee has to create a new expense application.


On the Claim Request screen, when the User/Employee is adding/editing any expense, if the expense is budget mandatory and "Budget Request Validation Service URL" is set in configuration only then will the system check for budget from P2P system. 


On the Claim Request screen, when the User/Employee is saving inputted data, the system will check if expense is budget mandatory and "New Requisition Request URL" is set in configuration. Only then will the system send a request to P2P system for new expense application however, it will skip approval flow from Aruti Claim module.

On the Claim Request screen, when the User/Employee is saving inputted data, the system will check if expense is HR Expense. Only then will the system process in Aruti and request for approval from claim request approver in Aruti.


If any expense application is budget mandatory the User/Employee would not be able to edit/delete that expense application because Aruti does not enable any P2P parameters for edit/delete expense application in P2P system.


If Expense Application is applied from Leave Application screen, then it will follow the same instructions above with a difference in the edit feature.

The User/Employee can edit the leave application but they would not be able to edit an expense application which is budget mandatory.

In this update, if the leave application has an expense application and budget is mandatory then ystem will not allow User/employee to cancel/delete leave application.


A new setting on Expense master has been included with GL Code which is optional. Options for P2P settings are updated as well. All these settings will be accessible when Expense's UOM type amount is :

1.Budget Mandatory (IS True) Only then will the user have to select Expenditure type (i) Opex (ii) Capex.for (b) is true then opex and capex is disabled.

2. HR Expense.


Aruti Utilities

Enhanced Features

Utilities :


New Payslip Template 17 with both base currency as well as paid currency has been included.


In payslip report, the displayed earning on payslip mapped from benefit should take the name of the transaction head.


New Report type Employee Year of Service Report in Employee Duration Report has been included.


On JV ledger report two links for export to CSV and Flex cube JV have been separated now.


On Employee Qualification report, employee code has been included on report.


For payroll total variance report & variance report, check box to include % column (show Variance % column) which by default should be unchecked has been included.


Flex Cube JV has been made consolidated if mapped to same account.


Aruti Self-service

Enhanced Features

From this version connection web config has been separated. Thus from version 77.1 SP of Self service Aruti will not deploy old web config. t will be deployed only if there are any changes.


Self service connection file has been separated , so with this SP users whose database is on another server other than application server will manually have to put their database server IP where its set".\apayroll' in this file named WebConnection.config

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